[Quote] ps dude, this is bad. your ears are not gonna close up if you try to let them. youre gonna have some loose ass lobes, haha. you gotta go it gradually if youre trying not to fuck up your ears, if you see blood or pus, this is NOT a good sign... FAIL.

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mine are currently at 7/16"

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[SIZE="5"]IMO[/SIZE] girls in the limelight turn into bigger whores because they're getting more attention. if paris hilton and kim kardashian were made famous by sex tapes, who knows what women will do to be considered "most fuckable" skin color doesn't have much to do with level of freakiness from what i've encountered... it all depends on what the girl wants and how much she wants it. Also, how confident she is with her body and what she can do with it. you can't argue a woman when it comes to women. lol

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i picked up some stuff from Tweeter a couple years ago, dude knew his shit, i was impressed. If that place is still open, I'd give it a shot.

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im obsessed with this year's burton love series snowboards, but theyre about 3hundo a piece... so im looking for a skate deck series to hang on the wall, not to skate. any suggestions?? heres a clayton brothers artist series by krooked [Image] show me what you can find blushing

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shits for sale, hit me upp [Image]

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