My most eagerly awaited album release this year. I was in Dublin October 07 when he first played Auditorium and mentioned The Ecstatic, and I've been waiting ever since. The new track, Life Is Good, sounds like an attempt to recreate the magic of Umi Says.

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Don't really get a snow where i'm from, so to experience it in the masses whilst at Uni called for a day off for larks and photo taking. Shots were taken with my Canon 350d SLR, which i've had for six months and am still getting to grips with. Here's a selection of some of my photos, all of the settings were set manually so I could get a really rich depth to the black. [Image]

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According to the kings of fake clothing, QI Fashions are selling The Hundreds soon as well as Lemar Dauley, Artful Dodger, Leroy Jenkins and 10 Deep. Does this mean that they're faking Hundreds goods now? Or are they really retailing? (Hard to believe) Speak Bobby.

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[Image] Tasha in fape. First KB now Tash, do your research people please.

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What did they retail at and what sort of price should I realistically be looking to pay? Thanks.

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[Image] You all need one of these to wear when queuing outside your respective BBC stores. Bargain at

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These tees are fucking sick! [Image] Must have taken them a long time to design that. I'm impressed.

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This is fucking hilarious. I made a milo character ages ago of me and now a faker is using it on ebay and selling it. [Image] Please somebody buy this for pure comedy factor. It's got Spaceman tags as well!! My message to the seller: Please answer this my friend. Why are you making a tshirt with me on it? I designed that character based on me and my clothing, I have all the original files and all the variations I have made since. Your stuff is fake but blimey this is hilarious!

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[B]Here's a little extract from a book by Tamsin Blanchard called Fashion & Graphics. I won't expect everyone here to read it but some of you really should before you start thinking about dropping your clothing lines right, left and centre. There's a little message in here somewhere for all you budding wannabe Nigo's and I hope you get it. [/B] [QUOTE]It is just a tiny rectangle of fabric, sewn into the back of a jacket. But what power it holds. Tied up in that little label is money, aspiration, sex appeal and status. Unpick it, and the jacket might as well be worthless. The label has become its own form of currency. It is the maker's mark: the reason the garment was sold in the first place. In the fashion industry, it is all about labels, branding and identity. A simple label can mean the difference between a plain, white T-Shirt selling for

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Dissapointing amount of clothing. A lot of season 1 clothing rehashed but in a different colour. Most items have made public bar a tiny few now but here's the list so far: [CENTER] [Image] Click Me To See Full Image [SIZE="1"]Pic courtesy of Zuma Rock and edited by me[/SIZE][/CENTER]

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