looking for a weather jacket for the upcoming year stuff like venture northface or superdry jacket any other ideas?

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[Image] i dont know the name ): all i know is nike air

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janoskis or kostons? [Image]

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now im debating between black and white suede janoskis and black and white suede pumas, both low tops blushing both are pretty badass imo

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is it true to size? if i fit 8.5 perfect in nike coastal shoe and 8.5 in vans. should i get 8.5 or half size up

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was interested in purchasing my first ever raw denim and i just had some few questions. budget- 100 smh 1) what are the preferred brands 2) sizing. 3) maintenance much appreciated! pictures of what you guys own would be nie too

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was stuck between janoskis or supra vaiders x_X

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