I sort of enjoyed that song, gonna check his other stuff.

Replied in KiD CuDi - Soundtrack 2 My Life (Directed by Jason Goldwatch), 2 Weeks ago in Music

Hmm dunno bout them Wasted lyrics, all he's throwin are big names and labels and no real lyrical substance. He def has flow, maybe I heard the wrong song? What else is considered one of his best?

Replied in Red Cafe., 2 Weeks ago in Music

GI Joe's, Transformers, and anything karate related lol

Replied in Your favorite toys as a child?, 2 Weeks ago in Arts

[Quote] Shit I think your onto something... Honestly go with whatever you got, or if you can get a hold of any HD cam then do so.

Replied in Shooting music videos, 2 Weeks ago in Arts

Yeah what you looking to do and what is it going to be used for?

Replied in Looking for T-Shirt designers, 2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Still use and love my in ear Bose BW joints, they go with everything anyways.

Replied in What headphones you rock with your gear?, 2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Just downloaded it, I never heard his music before cause something about him screams stay away haha but I will give him a chance now.

Replied in Asher Roth - "Seared Foie Gras w/ Quince and Cranberry" (mixtape), 2 Weeks ago in Music

The shit sounds good, who cares what he looks like or what age he is or if he got street cred (really now in 2010 people still do this??), that don't count nada... your skills do.

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Oh shit you came out with something else! That Odd Future tape was dope man. I'ma take a listen and if anything post it on whengiantsmeet.com

Replied in Tyler Creator - Bastard, 2 Weeks ago in Music

I would say get a Canon Rebel, but I am a lil biased hehe. You should go with anything your comfortable using. Since you like Nikon the most, then that should be it. Don't get something that you might feel uncomfortable with.

Replied in Film Cameras, 2 Weeks ago in Arts

I use watermarks on my images that I put up on my blog because I want that shot to be identified as coming from WGM, and not some random google search or someone elses work. It definetly is more for personal choice tho.

Replied in Watermarks?, 2 Weeks ago in Arts

Good look on that press man! Way to go, keep up the good work. Cant wait for my tee to get here.

Replied in [Single Second] - 2009 Discussion Thread, 2 Weeks ago in Brands

Im only in 2k region, and yea its a weird giddy feeling when you get one. Awesome way to get people hooked tho.

Replied in Anybody Into Achievements? (360), 2 Weeks ago in Gaming

boner with the save, passes it to TPB.

Replied in Photoshop for free?, 2 Weeks ago in Photography

[Quote] Haha that's a shitty situation dude. I haven't had the luck of running into trouble YET! I feel it coming tho.

Replied in Near death photography experiences, 2 Weeks ago in Photography