Yes one time I was working there was tgis huge box that said fragile all over it. Idiots put it in the bottom of the container and threw a box full of weights on top of it. It had to have been like 50lbs at least. All I heard was glass shattering inside.

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Ive worked for usps. Worked at the processing facility and ever since ive been there I never shipped a package with them again. Im not sure how ups or any other company does it but we throw the shit out of packages regardless if it says fragile on it. Theres just a bunch of containers with labels of where each goes. We stand in the middle with a crate od mail. And pretty much just throw them where they go. Dont fuck with usps if youremailing something valuable. The people Iin the facility dont care about the packages its mainly about the getting the mail out on time. Before I worked there and recieved packages from usps I always wondered why my boxes were crushed or messed up in any way.

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Order online.. call n cancel 20 minutes after.. n hope u get em lol

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^^ I got a pair of camo roshe gpx. Originally I had ordered thinking they were them then I called to verify if they were and the lady said they werent the gpx roshe runs. So I cancelled. Turns out that they were the shoes thatI wanted. So I win.

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Im going to attempt to do what I did again and see if they will send another pair of shoes. If not then I just got lucky with these.

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Lol ass. Real talk though has this ever happened to anyone?

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So I had ordered a pair of shoes laat week. Turns out they were the wrong pair so I called and cancelled within minutes and even recieved an email stating it was cancelled. Got a knock on my door today from ups and was given a package and had no idea what it was. Turns out it was the shoes I ordered. I checked my bank acct and no charge at all from nike. This ever happen to anyone? Free kicks for me shiettt

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Ive got 2 kids. One is 6 and the other is about to be 2. Wasnt planned and prepared for it but having them has only pushed me to become a better person and father to them. Im not rich nor do I have a lot of money but I give them what I can and instill good values in them. Just be grateful for what you have when you do have kids. Its beautiful and you will never be more happier in life until you experience the joy of having a family. I just turned 26 btw.

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John you look like a fuckin nerd. And what the fuck is up with everyone dick ridin this dude.

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I'll give u 220 for your 8.5

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Just write her a letter explaining how u feel about her. U said u been dropping hints so I'm sure she prolly thinks you're gonna make a move sometime soon.

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What stores are even getting them. I tried foot locker n champs but they all said the only release they getting this month are the crimsons.

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If this is real and you're really out there to help someone out then god bless. I think everyone can use a hand these days including me, therefore I am posting my situation because I am one in need of some help. A couple months ago I lost my job and I was supporting 4 people including myself. I have two kids and my lady is working part time right now. I'm struggling to pay rent and all the bills and my own family won't even help me out ever since I left the house and decided to live life on my own with my family. Real talk its so stressful, on a huge budget right now and can barely afford gas. Me and my girl are now halfing the rent which is 1200 and I'm currently breaking into my kids savings just to pay rent n the rest of bills. Recently cut off my phone and let my girl keep hers just so we can save some money for groceries. I do my best to keep my kids happy and they are. I pretty much go to sleep praying to hit the lottery to turn our lives around. Within a month or two I'm going to be out of funds and I'm gonna have to figure something out. Its hard to get a job out here, been applying everything and just no callbacks or nothing. I need help. Thanks

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Reebok denim ventilators, saucony jazz and shadows

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I've gone makeup shopping before for mine. Its a bitch and when u come home with the wrong shit she's pissed

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