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Found this new video from rapper Buckamore who hails out of Houston Texas. The song is called flames and its pretty dope. Check it: [Embed content]

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[URL] [Image] The Lower Class producer/MC ImaGenius brings listeners some vintage goodness in the form of Garage Sale The debut tape features 26 sample driven instrumentals and 4 original creations. It will take your ears on low-fi journey to relaxation, bringing you back to the days of old cassette tapes. The project is for any rapper who has a love for old school hip hop that wants to put them to use. Garage Sale is only a small preview for what's to come from The Lower Class as they finish their upcoming LP "Wingfield". Let us know what you think

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I'm in a group called The Lower Class and we just released a new mixtape called "Flight of Ideas". Hope you guys get a chance to check it out and leave your input! Click image to go to our Bandcamp [URL]

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