i have this arc logo corduroy jacket from f/w 11 in size M im looking to trade for L or purchase. the condition is 9/10. trading this is my #1 priority.  offers are welcome but what im looking for is stated in my [URL] as trades im also looking for any supreme trucker hats and the supreme x wise nascar style racing jacket  hit me up! [Image]

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looking for ANY supreme trucker hats from any season.  examples are listed below. i also have various supreme hats and apparel for trade. message me for offers. im specifically looking for this hat in any colorway. i also have various supreme items that im willing to trade. message me. [Image] etc.

Started by WTB/WTT Any Supreme Trucker hats,"Get a life pin" and 2009 "highly decorated" trucker cap, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Hello i have a supreme S/S 12 snakeskin pullover thats been work (condition 9/10) (medium) that i want to trade for any of the baseball jersey colorways that were released during the same season (medium). I am even willing to pay for one. but trading is my first priority. price im asking for pullover is $130 OBO I accept paypal, money order, physical cash and meetups. Im based in Indiana. feel free to contact me on here via message or on twitter at @HE_VALENCIA or email: weformlikevoltron @ gmail.com thanks in advance! [Image]

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looking for these hats, if you got em hit me up! [Image] -Voltron

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Paypal: add 4% or gift white snake pullover - $220 OBO - Medium - Brand new with tags - Deadstock bought from store need to get rid of this asap so get at me and we can work something out. [Image]

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hit me up if you got it. [Image]

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Get at me if you selling this joint: [Image]

Started by WTB: White Supreme Snakeskin Pullover Medium, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

hey folks im looking for this varsity from the f/w 2010 collection in this SPECIFIC COLORWAY. size im looking for is medium or large, if you have it, hit me up! [Image]

Started by WTB: SUPREME F/W 2010 RED MELTON WOOL VARSITY JACKET , 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Im looking for the specific colorway of this hat. So if you have it, hit me up! The stuff im willing to trade is posted in my apparel sell thread [Image]

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hey folks, im selling these items: here are my conditions: -first come, first serve - I do paypal or money orders -Prices are negotiable to an extent both checkered and plum colored Supreme 5 panel camp hats are $80 Hornets and Bears Snapbacks are $25 Authentic Starter Charlotte Hornets Windbreaker is $150 The jacket is excellent condition. Rarely worn. i can do the Charlotte hornets snapback + jacket for $180 together. EDIT: plum camper is gone! feel free to also contact me via twitter: http://www.twitter.com/HE_VALENCIA heres an initial bundle photo with my tag to show proof of items. [Image] cheers, and happy buying!

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Currently looking to aquire this specific hat. PM or post your offers and we can work something out. Im very willing to pay shipping and handling fees. Be reasonable. [Image]

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