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Shokora has been working on a solo project for almost a year and it's currently available for free streaming. "Valis" is inspired by the Philip K Dick Sci-Fi novel of the same name. The novel, in short is about, 'Valis' (Vast Active Living Intelligence System) a type of alien satellite orbiting Earth that shoots beams of information into people's forehead. Shokora took that idea & applied it to the Internet. The 13 track project is mostly produced by Shokora under the moniker  'David McCloud' and samples everything from Hercules to an episode of Dr. Katz.  1.Star 2.D'ohpe feat Raven 3.BWA 4.Everything & Nothing 5.Pink Light [osaka trade] 6.Valis 7.~[matt's apt] 8.'Lorca Warns' (interlude) 9.The Patience [pupil the patience] 10.Gross Depression Beard [between friends] 11.Get On Down feat Raven & Babe Field 12. Time is Up feat Speeks Geak 13. La Femme D'argent  You can stream the album by clicking the link here: [URL]

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Star (prod by. D McCloud) D'ohpe~feat. Raven (prod by. D McCloud) BWA (prod by. D McCloud) Everything & Nothing (prod by. D McCloud) Pink Light [FlyLo's osaka trade] Valis (prod by. D McCloud) ***[The Internet's matt's apt] 'Lorca Warns' Interlude The Patience [The Internet's pupil the patience] Gross Depression Beard [FlyLo's between friends] Get On Down~feat. Raven & Babe Field (prod by. D McCloud) Time is Up~feat. Speeks Geak (prod by. D McCloud) La Femme D'™argent

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link to the video is here: [URL] the password is 'valis'

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with snippets lasting 15-20 seconds, Shokora uploaded his project, "Valis" to his soundcloud.  Click the link below to listen  [URL]

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So I wanted to make my own (solo) rap project for a while, so after we finished up our collaborative project with our homie, Speeks Geak, i decided that we (my bro and I) should  focus on our own projects (he’s already done with two). Anyway, i came across a film about a year ago called Waking Life, I ended up watching it because i like the director. It’s a innovative existential hybrid animation film that blew my mind.   The project is named after a book of the same name by Phillip K Dick. Valis is an acronym of Vast Active Living Intelligence System. In short, the protagonist gets struck in his head by “pink light” filled with tons of information via an alien satellite orbiting Earth.  Semi-autobiographical, Phillip actually believed that he had come in contact with other worldly information in an event he called "2-3-74". The story goes that Dick had just had his wisdom teeth removed, when the pharmacy delivery girl arrived to his door, he asked her about her necklace (Ichthys or Jesus Fish). She responded with saying that it was a sign of the early Christians & in a flash, Dick had his vision. His California landscape was superimposed with early Rome & he had anamnesis or “loss of forgetfulness”. He remembered his past life in Rome, knowing Jesus & how Christians needed to stay in hiding under the veil of the “Black Iron Prison”. Dick also saved his son’s life by knowing that there was a clot or tumor (cant remember which exactly) in his lower intestine; He promptly told his wife & she took the son the doctor’s & they prepped for surgery immediately. Anyway, i wanted my project to reflect some of the information i have collected in the past 2 years. I don’t want to tell a story, more just the idea of one. I named the the album Valis because of what it stands for. In a sense, i believe the internet is our Valis. It’s incredibly Vast & massively Active. It’s as much Living as the user is. It’s Intelligence is becomes increased with each update to the System it runs on. So the idea is that like, what if the internet is Valis or whatever?  The songs don’t follow a specific “theme” but it is arranged in a specific order following a loose “narrative” via the samples & content matter (starts off rapping about weed introduced by a Katt Williams sample, couple songs later, raps about acid introduced by an LSD test subject sample).  In conclusion (what grade am i in?), Valis is gonna be dope, I think. I made all the beats except for 4. One is produced by the homie, Speeks Geak, the others i’m just rapping over FlyLo & The Internet instrumentals. It’s only 30mins cos my attention span is short. Um, what else…i gave the rough draft to artclasshero so he can listen cos i want him to do the cover. I wrote most of this album while i was stoned & depressed but it’s not depressing just…honest yknow? i’m rambling, but that’s basically why i’m making this project. It’s gonna be dope, no release date as of yet, but i definitely want to release it before the end of the year tho Thanks for reading homie.

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Listen on Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/thatonekidwhomakesmusic/frank-oceans-pyramids-layered-over-each-other


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WeAreSkywalkers & Speeks Geak from southern California came together & formed a group entitled, "Me,Myself&Eye" &  are releasing their debut album later this year. The group prefaces the album by saying it's a soundtrack to a college student who takes hallucinogens before school & the escapades he gets himself into throughout the day. Singles include:  "Turn it Up" "Cloud Kingdom" "Sorry(I'm Not)" The 15 track concept album will be released on Saturday, December 21st, 2013. WeAreSkywalkers Bandcamp: [URL] [Image]

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[Image] West Coast Rap duo WeAreSkywalkers collaborated with Rock V, a producer from Richmond, Va. The name of the EP is entitled #SOYS (Shitting On Your Summer). A six track summer tape that you can play in your car or at a house party. The Links are below: DatPiff: [URL] Hope you enjoy fam.

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