Anyone else in love with this band? I wasn't feelin daisy to much though, it felt like they were trying to hard to be artsy... I prefer their older stuff more: [URL]

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How do you? Lol I'm skinny already, just have no muscle. I've heard doing situps are outdated and bad for your back..

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Digging all the designs, and the message especially. Where can I get that hoodie on the east coast?

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Interesting show, not so funny though.

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H&M has some amazingly fitting hoodies that are plain and dirt cheap!

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[Quote] ....thats a damn good idea! But sadly I already found what I was looking for.

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Where can I find wayfer lookin sunglasses with a green ear frames and black front, I would post a pic of what I'm looking for but can't post pictures yet.

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[Quote] Thanks for the help man! I'm defiantly hitting up these store, but where exactly is "CO-OP PHILADELPHIA" at? I typed it into google maps and got all weird results, none of which seem like a clothing store. Also a friend suggested a store called Sugarcube, are they good?

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Where are some good stores in Philly to shop at? Specifically places to buy raw denim like APC, N&F, etc.

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Im not familiar with Philadelphia, can anyone give me tips and recommend stores I should hit up next time im there? I'm looking for all good stores, but mostly looking for stores that sell high quality denim since I never order jeans online, any stores that sell APC, N&F, etc.

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Can anyone help me locate this escape from new york shirt it was just like the escape from new york poster (google it cause i cant post images yet) except it had just the statue of liberty's head on the ground without the other stuff, it was a sick tee and im trying to get it, any help would be ace. edit: It was posted on hypebeast blog awhile back, not sure of the date.

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Great thread man glad to see there are still people out there who know what real emo music is. My favorite emo bands in order: 1. Jawbreaker 2. Sunny Day Realestate 3. Cap N' Jazz 4. Saves the day Check em out when you get a chance, great stuff.

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I have to say either stafford or fruit of the loom, I have tees from them that are holding up fine after years of abuse while I have janes tees that died in a week.

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Wow I used to love my dreamcast! That is untill I got a ps2 and gta 3...

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[Quote] Those are 510 but rigid is what I meant. Haha, if someone could point me in the direction of some cheap 511 rigids I would be grateful. :-)

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