------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shipping is included on all items-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please add for international Shipping-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Supreme Kermit-Size Large-$55 Stain on back of tee towards bottom. Hardly noticable.  Sratchy Perry Tee- Large- $55 Supreme slant-Medium-$55 Giza-Medium $55 Independent-Medium-$55 [URL]

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******SHIPPING IS $5********** ***DEPENDING ON LOCATION** --------Medium------ Supreme Giza 9.8/10 $60 Supreme Independent 9/10 $65 Supreme Slant Logo 8/10 $50 Primitive x Diamond x Grizzly Griptape 10/10 $40 (Brand Freaking New) CLSC 1st Anniversary Tee 9.9/10 $35 --------LARGE--------- Supreme Scratchy Perry 9.5/10 $65 Supreme Kermit 9.9/10 OFFER (Worn Once) Supreme Crusaders 9/10 $45 (Sorry for wrinkles, It was folded weird) Diamond Supply Co. x Kony 2012 9/10 $35 Diamond Stamp Tee 10/10 $30 Diamond x Everything You Love to Hate 8/10 $20 Diamond x Hug 9/10 $ 35 The Hundreds "Post" RSWD Exclusive 7/10 $20 The Hundreds x Garfield 8/10 $25 ---------X-Large------ Supreme Damien Hurst Box Logo $40 Hats Supreme Green Tarpon Camp-- $45 Supreme Pink Basket Weave- $50 Supreme Maroon Foulard- $50  Supreme "Grey Hat" (Not sure on name) - $45 Supreme Strips Camp (Not Sure on Name) $40 ---------All Prices are negotiable, Discount will be added for Multiple items Purchased.  [Image]

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I would like to buy a Supreme Olive Zebra backpack. I have cash in hand. Show me what you got!

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PAYPAL ONLY Prices Vary. Shipping Charges Vary. MORE YOU BUY MORE YOU SAVE. Damien Hurst Collab-$65 Size XL Th POST- $30 SIZE L TH Idea Generators-$20 Size L TH Bandages-$15 Size L [Image] THANK YOU

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More camps will be updated Shipping is Plus $4 on everything but the M&N Snaps Paypal only Gift or Add 4% for Paypal Fees Happy Buying! ------------------------------------------ Supreme Wool Snap Up Trail-$70 [Image]

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guess you can't read stickied posts, I'm feeling generous, next time the ban will be permanent.

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Alright Hb, some of you might know this some of you might not but i'm seventeen and a senior in highschool. As a senior you get special privileges and ish and one of the most important events is PROM,THE PROM, V CARD NIGHT, you get the picture.Well I have been stoked on this day since about sophomore year (when I had senior friends and they brought me as a guest, happened my junior year too). SO Prom is in May at the Wilshire in LA.Super Stoked Right?Correct, only problem is that I don't have a date just yet.Although hopefully I will, this upcoming Wednesday (April 4th). Let me give you the run down on my mind. -------Early February------------Back Story--------- Alright so i'm chilling in Science(needed credits) and this chick who is a easy 10 just broke up with her boy friend.She happened to be a junior and he happened to be a senior.Well we got to talking and she told me that the reason [b]SHE[/b] broke up with [b]HIM[/b] was because he just wanted to use her basically as a [b]FUCK BUDDY[/b] and she wasn't down for that( She's still a virgin though) so she broke it off. ---------NOW--------- So ever since February when she broke up with her ex she's been flirting and shit and i've been doing it back(HIGH SCHOOL SHIT IMO) and she tells me about her daily life(NO FRIEND ZONE SHIT) and how she's in this class called TEACHERS OF TOMORROW. (In this class she goes to a local elementary school to teach Second grade students from 12-3 almost everyday) -----[b]LIGHT BULB[/b]----------- So hear is where my brilliant PROM asking comes into play.I thought who my options were to ask and who I thought I could really enjoy going with and I narrowed it down to hear and this other chick. I choose the science chick. So hear is my story: SO I thought to myself what would be a good way to ask her. First thought was to put [b]"PROM"[/b] on the inside of a Snapple cap you know like it being the Snapple Fact cause she loves to drink that shit day in and day out. Bought a snapple and i attempted every possible way but nothing was working so I scrapped that idea. ------BEST IDEA---------- So I thought to myself [b]"WHAT COULD BE AN ORIGINAL WAY THAT I COULD ASK HER"[/b] BAM!! I got the best idea. So my new idea is this. -Since she goes to a school to teach after school I could somehow surprise her while she is teaching and ask her to PROM -Next thing I did was I called the school and spoke to the principle and she said "That It was the cutest idea every but I would have to get permission from the teacher first before I took any action" so she gave the teacher my number so that I could find out if it was okay. -The teacher called me back about an hour later and told me [b]YES![/b] and that I could meet with her to discuss the plan ----[b]FINAL PLAN[/b]------- Here it goes. -Appearantly the girl I plan to ask hold up flashcards for the students to pronounce( weekly spelling words) so I asked if the last and final word for the day could be "PROM" and the kids should shout it aloud.She said that was perfect! -(While the kids are shouting PROM)I would enter through the backdoor of the classroom (where I would be clearly visible to her) and holding white roses and walk up to her and say "Will you go to Prom with me?" What do you guys think about my idea is it [b]TRILL[/b] or [b]LAME[/b] ? BTW I havn't asked her yet but I will in exactly one week so I WILL LET YOU GUYS KNOW HOW IT GOES!

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As the Title Says i'm looking for a BLACK After Midnight Coach in a Large/Medium! Cash in hand and I have trades too!

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Open to TRADE OFFERS Cash Prefered though. --------------------------------------- Damien Hurst x Supreme $70---XL [Image] ----------------------------------------- NOTHING IS FIRM

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Of a HB iPhone app post your favorite GIF

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Wanting old diamond heat crews,shirts, hats etc..... I have stuff to trade.... Paypal is open 24 hours...unless im asleep Edit: SIZE LARGE

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What are your favorite cases for the iphone? This is the one i'm currently using [Image]

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Alright so my sister is getting married on the 31st (New Years Eve) and I'm stumped on what to wear but I think I have a general Idea and I wanted to see what HB members thought and you input is appreciated I was thinking this [Image] Thoughts? BTW.Open bar so plan to go home with some bad bitch.

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I HAVE A NAVY SUPREME BOX LOGO FOR SALE-240 shipped priority. GUARANTEED FOR XMAS SIZE LARGE PICS are taken on photobooth so the picture is flipped IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO SEND YOU THEM I CAN [Image] OFFER OR TRADE PAYPAL ONLY WILL TRADE FOR: Camp Hats Leopard, Paisley, Shadow Tees & ish

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