I got my new Bulbasaur tutorial that I will release later tonight, a little more for advance painters.

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Where did you shoot this from man? Nice pictures.

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[Quote]Well the original art design of Pikachu was based off my designs. I am currently in court against Nintendo at this very moment.

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Hey guys, i've been drawing for many years now here is a quick video of my work  [Embed content]

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If you are a fucking Nerd looking to talk to other Nerds about shit check out this website [URL] it's a community filled with Nerd shit.

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Hey guys, So I was just diving around my block on a warm day near the business district downtown. I saw this one girl with a skirt that went pass down past her knees but as I looked up you could clearly see or notice that her ass is fucking huge even in a working class business skirt. I was so fucking blown away how big and curvy that ass was and nice of a shape I was like WTF for a full straight 5 minutes. By the time I get home I am still thinking about it in disbelief with enough time to write a post about it here on HypeBeast. It was not an oversized disgusting sag ass, but a very nice shape as if she does squats just enough so that if she stood still straight you could clearly see a huge as motha fucking lump. Anyways hope you get a laugh after reading this post. Lucky I was caught on camera during my disbelief. [Image]

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I have to say Black Ops and World of Warcraft Cata we have a lot of these types of discussions on my website RotNerds.com

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Man, I think I will wait until it goes on sale on Steam. Looks like such a good game though. I've played all the Bioshocks.

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Highly suggest 60D.

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You can always optomize your macbook settings it can last as long as a couple of days. I myself have a macbook and is really handy for work. Would highly suggest the smaller lines like the 13 inc 15 and 17 are nice but are still pretty heavy.

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This is so awesome!!!! I love Daft Punk and I love Pharrell Williams such an great collab again.

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You should watch kneecoleslaw she has fucking huge tits woahhhhh

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Sounds so much like Earl lol

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I really want to buy this game but 59.99 is expensive smh I already spend so much money on games now and days.

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