saw this movie yesterday, a superhero that is as strong as hancock makes it difficult to create a good plot and plot was pretty bad, but because of the good jokes it was worth it. who's mike ebbs?? the guy that say something about hancocks dress in the end? if hancock wouldn't have given up drinking, the movie would be 10times better this hypebeast is wearing Jordan's I

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[Quote] guess he means flash...blitz is the german and maybe even danish word for flash

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i'm new to photography. just to become familiar with the camera [Image]

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[Quote] thanks, yes i know...too much and baggy stylesmh

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got this in the mail today [Image]

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hey you go to chengdu? i have been in chengdu and beijing in march. in chengdu you will find hundreds of official nike and adidas stores, they always have the same items, it is incredible how many stores they have. there are some fake-stores close to the chunxi road (main shopping road) close to chunxi there is a mall where you can buy legit evisu and there should be a stussy store which wasn't already open in march. there is also a luxury mall called seibu, including shops from dior and LV among another high expensive boutiques. in beijing are several stores selling bape, OF, supreme etc. best one is mess. you will find a few shops in the soho 9 building named cheese, puff and some other. the soho is a complex close to the new cctv building. another store in beijing is Blinking it is not too far away from mess. if you ask the guys at mess, they can guide you to gx-shop which is a few hundred meters away it is inside a small mall with a lot of fake shops, but gx-shop is legit. i think mess also opened a new subcrew store inside the mall. in shanghai i only know ACU the sneaker store of CLOT and a shop called Source. and if you want to go into a nice club in beijing, go to the Angel club No. 6 Gongti Xi Lu,ChaoYang District i bought an issue of milk magazine that included a shopping guide for beijing. i only have the adresses of the stores in beijing in chinese. the weather will be very hot and wet. you should check out the local food, in sichuan you will find the best food in china which is very hot&spicey. you can always take a taxi, they are very cheap.

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a friend of mine is dub(-step) dj and producer check out his page [URL]

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[Quote] the gang has the justice logo on their back, like someone said before that's pretty ignorant to put a cross on a muslims back, i think to put the bandsign on the protagonists wants to accept their behaviour. if they want to show their downs they have to show their family lifes, they failed job applications, that they won't have any chance to get out of this life, that they aren't accepted in our society. the video just shows the 'how they are' not the 'why they are' and that's too simple. you can also go to some areas here like a few hundred meters away from my home and you will experience how this works in real life. do a trip to europe! it is pretty exciting here even if we don't have so many guns!

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maybe it makes fun to watch this video and it has a great cinematography, but i think they shouldn't have done this video, on the one hand it supports the stereotypes against the kids from the 'banlieues' in france and in other countries in europe which are usually black or muslim kids, but also white kids, which is not shown in this video. On the other hand those kids who can identify with this gang see that they are cool and keep on doing this shit. you shouldn't use this stuff for a music video of a rich white band criminal youth is a big problem even in my city, this movie definitely doesn't want to fix it, it makes it heroically.

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nice, I would like to go there. did you slept at the grand hyatt park hotel?

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i heard that silblings and other family members don't attract each other because of their smell, it's some subconscious thing. the story would be nicer if the girl would be his stepsister, so that i wouldn't have a bad conscience

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i love your work djbooduh, what camera are you using??? since i'm reading this thread I'm saving for a dslr

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你好 I'm going to china in one month, are there any good shops in Beijing (i just know Mess-store) or in chengdu/sichuan province???? I'm not focused one brands. I heard about some stores named '933' are they legit? is there one of them in chengdu or beijing? 谢谢

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i just ordered the gravis, i'll do pics of it after i received it

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