[Image] Title says it all. Open to negotiations. I'm reasonable as long as you are. Just message me and we can work it out. I'm PayPal ready. Thanks for reading.

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Title says it all. Looking for a pair that is cheap. Mostly looking for the Solo 2 that just came out but will settle for either Studio or the original Solos. NOT LOOKING TO BUY A DS PAIR OR ANYTHING HIGH PRICED, JUST LOOKING FOR A CHEAP PAIR THAT WORKS AND DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING BROKEN.  Paypal ready. You can message me if you have a pair for sale. Thanks for reading.

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Looking for a quick sale/trade.  I got a size 10 Nike SB Blue Lobster Concept Pack. They are in decent condition. I have the OG box and laces, but none of the other accessories that came with the pack. 95% stars, no heel drag or creases. One minor flaw is that there is ripping at the corner of where the laces go, which I will provide pictures for below.  The BIN on the shoes will be 200$ + fees and shipping. I'm also open to other offers such as BC 3s, Red Air Max 1 Quickstrike, and other runners/Jordans. I can also negotiate so please don't hesitate. I'm really just looking to move these.  Thanks for reading, and comment or message if you have offers. [Image]

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I just recently seen some game play of Ultimate Team on Madden 25 and was pretty interested in it, but I've also read it is not worth getting right now and I should just wait for the next Madden to come out and play on that. Anyone good with the Madden games and can help me out? Thanks in advance.

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Looking for Flyknit Trainers, sz 10 only, in these two colorways preferably. Thanks.  [Image]

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Sup HB, I got a pair of Nike Air Max 1 Atmos for sale and trade. They are VNDS and size 10. I don't have the OG box, but I do have a replacement box. The only flaw I would say is a slight creasing, but don't show when you're wearing them.  I'm open to any offers, just no low balls. Cash and shoes ONLY. Not interested in clothing atm.  I'm really looking for a pair of Air Jordan Space Jam XI in a size 9.5 to 10, if you have them and add cash, I will be highly interested in a trade.  Other than that, I'm open for offers. Post or PM, I'll check when I can.  In a trade, I will not be sending first in any way. I do have refs on here. [URL], feel free to check. I also will not sell internationally, sorry. Shipping is included in the BIN.  BIN: 450$ Thanks for reading. Any questions feel free to ask. [Image]

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Looking to buy Air Jordan Space Jam XI 2009 & New Balance Concept Seals 999, sz 9.5/10, DS/VNDS, preferably OG everything. You can PM me. I have cash in hand. Thanks for looking.

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Sold my other stuff already. I got two hundred crewnecks up available. Both are size medium. Worn a few times. Washed only twice. The grey one has a few cracks, but other than that pretty good condition. Open to offers, pm or post. Thanks. 40$ for the Heather Grey [SOLD] 65$ SHIPPED for the Black Box Logo. SOLD THE HEATHER GREY ADAM BOMB LOGO CREWNECK. [Image]

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Sup guys. Looking for a pair of roshe runs. Only looking for the color ways of iguana or black, sz 9.5 to 10, and looking for at least vnds. I'm paypal ready. pm or comment, thanks.

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Looking for a sz 9.5/10. PM or post here about details such as condition of the shoes. Please and thank you. Paypal ready.

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[Image] Title says it all, PayPal ready. PM or post here.

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Title says most of it. They must be 100% authentic. You can post here or message me, thanks for looking.

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I'm looking for the shoes in the title, [B]ONLY[/B]. Looking for sizes 9 or 9.5. I'm [B]NOT[/B] looking to buy a DS or high retailed pair, I wouldn't even mind beaters ( as long as they're still wearable, of course). You can PM or post here, I'll be checking everyday if I'm not busy. Thanks for reading.

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looking to buy an iphone 4. title says it all. pm or post.

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