Wanted to know what some of the best/underrated places to live in the PNW/northern cali are.  I like being out doors a lot and camping and hiking, but would still wanna have access to a medium to big-ish city. And low cost of living being an important factor.  Any suggestions appreciated.

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Recently cancelled my tv subscription but would like to follow my favorite team. PM me

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Got this idea from another forum. Was wondering if anyone was interested..? Here is the deal: I'll post something to give away, first person who wants it and posts smokeyface gets it . Free, including shipping. In turn, that person MUST offer something (jawn/album/game/whatever you feel okay parting with that is in good quality) free to the next taker by posting on this thread, and so on, and so on. While it does not have to be of exact equal value of what you took, please offer quality item(s) that someone can appreciate. RULES: -US only members -You must not be in poor standing on the boards -You must have at least 100 posts -If you claim something, you must post your offering within 24 hours -Only one offer at a time. Nothing new can be posted until the existing offer has been claimed -Post pics or scans of the item you're giving away. Cell phone pics are fine -Don't take item(s) if you've got nothing to offer in return -Ship item(s) quickly so people aren't left hanging -Only one smokeyface every 7 days per member. However, if an item is not claimed within 24 hours, anyone is welcome to take it (no matter when they last claimed something. Just don't be greedy! -Please do not discuss the value of the items(s) being offered. For those offering just make sure it is in good enough condition, but if you don't like something, just don't have to take it. -You can ONLY "take" an item after it has been listed. -If shipping an item please keep peoples info (real name, address, etc.) private. -Be honest -Have fun! If the HB fam is down with trying this out then I will post the first item and ship it to whoever claims it.

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I am selling a new pair of Nike Roshe Run in a mens size 8. Have never been worn, once I received it I wasn't feeling the colors. --$100 Shipped-- *Will only trade for another pair of Roshe's in the same size* [Image]

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Any Punk Hardcore/Emo heads on this forum. If there are then we can discuss bands and shows here. Some of the stuff I've listened to lately: [Embed content]

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black one preferably. hmu if you have one

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Black one preferably but I need this top.

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