For sale only No trades or low balling. Paypal or local pickup (east bay) APC Petite Standards Size 28 altered to a 29 length ($100) tried on once did not like the fit Zanerobe Joggers size 27 ($40) Worn 2wice FIdelity Jeans brand new slim fit size 29 ($60) Lacoste maroon polo size 3 ($30) Nudie Jeans thin finn black coated size 29 length 29 ($80)

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[Quote] I never heard of Original Standard tbh. Where did you cop them? Sizing down 3 is way too much imo. 2 should be the max. Anything over that would be way too uncomfortable.

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[Quote]You the real MVP

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Where are you from exactly? What type of fit exactly are you looking for and how much are you trying to spend?

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[Quote]Thats not the point. You would think with all that MONEY he could of got with someone a lot better looking than that tranny. Lets be real.

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[Embed content] Lets be real. "If you wanna act like a man, I'll treat you like a man." Throwback Mondays. Worth getting in trouble? Hell yea.

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I still rock my sb [Quote]Join date Feb 2014 He would not understand. Based on what he said he is the true definition of a "hypebeast". The game was a lot different back then. Keep doin your thing Jeanyes.

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How do the Zespy pants fit? Are they jogger pants? could not really tell by the picture. What would you say a size small would be. Thanks.

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"Im Gay (Im Happy)" - Lil B Actually I think its better without the parenthesis.

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Dam 230. really now

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[Quote]How are their bikes? Their bout the same price as the windsor which I was planning on just getting.

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[Quote]Cool, thanks man. Appreciate it.

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Hi, been wanting to buy a bike for the longest time just to get around town and probably for school too and to save gas. Went on Bikesdirect saw the windsor the hour just waiting for the other sizes to come available. Also looked around craigslist saw this one. he said its flip hub. Dont know what the means and said that its fixed gear on one side and has a free wheel on the other. Asking 200. what do you guys think?

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About to retire my petite standards soon. Im torn between buying another pair of Petite Standards or go get some 3sixteen jeans. What would you guys recommend. The thing that is making me think twice about the 3sixteen jeans is the price. Never owned a pair of 3sixteen how is the quality compared to APC. Or any pair of jeans around the 200 range not anythin more than 250 - Thx

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