[Quote] Well paying for a college education, utilities, mortgage, and car notes don't help. So yes, I admit I'm not making it rain anywhere. But then again, it's better than being hoodrich, like frontin with a 10k chain, a beemer on 22s, rocking the freshest gear, but living in your mamas house or sharing rent with 5 of your boys in that little 3 bedrooom. Then again I'm a level headed 23 year old, not a 30 something still pretending to be a thug in one of the most safest cities in Southern California.>smh

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[Quote] I wouldnt say that. Look at CroCop and Mark Hunt, they went straight from K1 and excelled in Pride. Granted, Choi may not be as coordinated and move well as CroCop because of his size, but if he learns to get a decent sprawl and use his reach more he can excel. There have been many pure strikers who made the transition because of training to sprawl. Come on, this guy has made it to the top level of kickboxing, he has to have some athleticism in him. If he works on his grappling more, he could definitely be decent. I don't see him being a champion, but to say he has no place in MMA when guys like Zulu are around makes no sense.

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Damn, what I would pay to see an LSU vs USC matchup. We're not getting a playoff anytime soon, but we definitely should get a +1 game in the future.


I mean, don't get me wrong, I'll still buy some solid Diamond designs. But just like everyone else thats into "street fashion", paying $36 for a freaking tee shirt is outlandish. Do you guys realize thats like 300% markup value from what it cost him to print the shirt. Buying just 3 tees will end up costing you over $100. Maybe that's nothing to you kids who got disposable income from part time jobs and allowances but I got a mortgage and car note to pay for. Maybe I support terrorism because I buy fakes, maybe I'm not as hip cause I don't have the diamond logo, but everyone calling your_highness out just cause he went out and printed the exact same design is lame. your_highness straight up bit off Diamond, no doubt about that. But you can't tell me all of Diamond/Hundreds/etc dont bite off other logos. Cadillac, Oakland As, Misfits, etc.... None of that shit was original, but because they slap a Diamond logo on it, tweak the colors, add a new filter, and then they call it their own. Then the rest of you drones gobble it up like it's the greatest thing since the internet.

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Saving the world 1 tee shirt at a time. How valiant!

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Yup, they sent me like 10 stickers and all I ordered were some jeans and a tee.

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[Quote] Yeah, SMH because I'd rather save money on the same EXACT DESIGN. If you wanna go ahead and pay $36 for a Diamond tag go ahead. Call me bootleg, lame, whatever. I stay stackin that chedda, you stay salty.

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[Quote] Sweet!! I'd definitely cop, probably save me a good $20-25 without the diamond logo. Check your PMs meng.

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