This question has probably been covered in this thread...but i'm not prepared to read 69 pages of it. But when you first buy jeans do you wash them before you wear them - or soak them in cold water first before wearing? Thanks!

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are any stores still selling these in vancouver - like a size S or M?

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TechnoMarine has nice watches that are around your price range. I have one myself and I like it.

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Does anyone know where I can still find a pair of these in Vancouver? Or anyone willing to sell their pair to me (who is in vancouver) which is DS in Size 10.5/11. Let me know. Thanks.

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how long is the sale going to be? the whole weekend?

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WOOOT SO HAPPY CANUCKS WON! If we play like we did in 2nd period against anaheim. DAMN THEY SHOULD START GETTING SCARED! >smh

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I was wondering, do they sell McDavid Hexpad items down in Canada? I'm from Vancouver and i'm looking for a pair of Mcdavid Hexpad Thudd shorts and other McDavid Hexpad products. Has anyone seen these products around the Vancouver region? Please let me know which stores carry them. Thanks. [Image]

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I know this is not about shoes...but i think someone here should have seen or even own the McDavid Hexpad products. I'm heading down to Vegas this week and where i'm from, they don't sell McDavid Hexpads. Can someone please tell me which stores in Vegas carries McDavid products specifically the McDavid HexPad Thudd shorts or any products of McDavid Hexpad. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. [Image]

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[Quote] ditto...kinda nasty especially with people who have gross feet.

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same here...200 was already high...but 250 is just wayyy too much for me to afford.

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shoot i need some stussy sbs badly. doubt i can make my way to gdfoot tmw.smh

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[Quote] i've checked it. saw some bapestas and they look REALLY off. Didn't bother lookin at anything else. can't stand stores that carries fakes and mix w/ real. You just don't trust what you are buying. And i've had a thread on this place before. Other people have checked it and said that the bape are fape but the nikes are real but overly priced.

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^just in december i was in hk...and they were EVERYWHERE. like legit ones. I copped myself a pair and they are hot!

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sorry to hijack your thread. but i got a pair of invisible women af1s for xmas from a friend and it is a bit big. How do you stuff those so it fits properly and so that stuffing can't be seen in the toe box area?

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