cant stand that fool man, heat or not. he spoke at a forum at UofH for puffy's 2004 vote or die campaign, and he had no real opinion about any of the issues. he did have a lot to say about his upcomin album though... scrub. sorry for OT. hoodies aight, if it aint custom kings its track stars, if theyre not a linked brand.

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"The immitation looks refined and mastered" does this sound wrong to anybody?

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paper denim and etiene ozeki can be found for well under 100$. as far as dry denim goes, you know theres a premium to be paid for that. jack and mabel has a good deal on nudie SSDry's for about 115 shipped. of course theres very good deals to be found thrifting through your town.

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"am i gay for god? you betcha." "trust in god, he'll give you shoes." two phrases that should win anyone over to sunny.

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season2 has fallen off. board flips are uninspired, the hoodies are mediocre designs in huey duey and louie colorways. money rolls? cigg butts/beepers? srsly. and pharrell dont have to push his gear in every song, ya know?

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