Dudes just dressing rockabilly, very far from beasting.

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Denim Hey man, was doing a search for 520s and your sale thread came up. Are all those pants in the thread still up for grabs? Keen on the dickies and 520s Thanks, Vinny

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I hate when it shows the guys balls and hairy buttcrack. Shit really irks me.

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i'm a huge ditc fan but I'll admit not one of their drops got close to a perfect album like OB4CL

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Dedication series is classic, tyga got a looong way to go yet before he can touch that

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how much did that 57 kit cost you?

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[Quote] amen

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Hey guys, major denim newb, and I'm fine with that. Had a pair of Levis 520 slouch skinnys that have been my favorites since god knows when. They're FUBAR'd now and I found out they've been discontinued. So my question is what's a reasonably priced pair of denim that's a similar fit? Also similar fit chinos/khakis too? Thanks, Vinny

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yep halo blows

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was invited to participate in the 24 Hours Gran Turismo 5 challenge a few weeks back at the Sydney Motor Show, the game is more amazing that you could ever dream about! Let's just say it is worth waiting for people

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fluffy dice

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wow awesome vid

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This is my kinda thread!

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Hey dude keen on the two Hundreds hat and the red Atlas one, email me at vincent(at}acclaimmag.com because I can't PM you. Thanks, Vinny

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