I dont wear shorts unless I'm at the beach or hoopin. How do boat shoes look with jeans? goofy?

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Since I moved theres no places close than sell it. So I want to try making my own. Anybody here know how? Also how long is the tapioca pearls good for after cooking it, if I make a big batch? I'm not trying to cook it everytime I want some.

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Plenty of more pictures upon request. Can check my feedback on ebay or other shoe sites under the same name. 'vince24L'. [B]DS 01 True Blues 10.5 $280[/B] [Image]

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So I currently downloaded a discography and there it shows an album broken up into 3 parts. Yet I changed everything to the same exact for album and artist, rest i left blank. Why is it still not merging to show only 1 album cover?

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Hands down best Animation I've ever seen. Hands down my favorite animated movie now. Shoe in for animation of the year next year IMO. Anyone else see it and feel the same? Hunter S Thompson, Polanski, Tom Waits references were all too cool as well.

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Yea I got laid off. Watching the smallest of money right now but dying without my instant netflix. Anyone want to be cool enough to share their instant netflix account with me. Will only be using it on one tv and your allowed up to like 7 or 8 different sources. If so I appreciate it.

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Theres a ton of movies I have to download to watch because they arent available instantly on my PS3's instant netflix. [B]Whats some good movies Netflix has on instant watch?[/B] I find myself watching alot of their documentaries: 'The Cove' was really good. 'The Wild And Wonderful Whites' was entertaining. 'American Swing' was interesting. movies: 'Sin Nombre' was very good. 'Mother' is a great movie.

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GO. yes I need one more gift and its 6pm on the eve. walmart run. any suggestions?

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I'm trying to specifically find dexter s05e02. But I'm using a family members laptop for a week so I dont want to use torrents instead direct File downloads. Is there a site to search for them or how does it work? Appreciate it. Also if anyone can link me to dexter s05e02 I'd appreciate it.

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anyone know a free one that works well?

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I think some will appreciate it.. [URL]

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Prices include Shipping. Paypal or Money Order. Check my reputation on here or on eBay, NSB or ISS under the same name. All shoes come with everything. Box, both set of laces. Shipped double boxed through USPS Priority. So it should only take two days to receive. Boca Jr's DS 10.5 $190 [Image]

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Looking for a free DVD to iPhone4 converter.. Anyone know of one? Which do you use?

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Tell me if this shit is just me, but I go out pretty much every night. But when I do stay in, like I did tonight to regroup since nothing too great going on. I get mad depressed.. I haven't figured out if its the fact of staying in my house or the fact of just being alone, which causes boredom which causes mild depression. Am I the only one who feels like this when they stay in for a night? Even if I play some PS3 or watch a movie.. I just feel shitty and get down on myself. I guess because I think of the shit I could be doing or broads I could be meeting. But you gotta stay in sometimes to relax and not spend money. Am I wrong here or what?

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