[Image] Oops my bad, 10deep.

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did you guys get the new spring hoody, the cannonball racer one.

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Jim hates on Jay and Nas alot but he bites them especially Jay-Z...first that NOE dude, and now he raps on ripped off beats. Frenemies - A Week Ago (Jay-Z) Medicine - ***** What ***** Who (Jay-Z) This Is The Life - Hero (Nas) that song with Ludacris also sounds like a beat that Jay-Z rapped on but I can't pinpoint it. Fuck Jim.

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any black supra skytops left?

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I havent been to Ransom since opening day so I don't know how quick the NHL fitted hats sell but do you guys still have the red/black Leafs fitted. [Image]

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random question to stolen riches....did you guys used to own Da Zone?

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where can i get some exclusive new era caps? none of that ugly mlb crap they have these days but stuff like upper playground... [Image]

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what size for bbc astronaught tee and how much for meetup in toronto.

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[Quote] yeah the dude from uptown is a big asshole, very unhelpful.

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the lounge

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