Shitt as soon as I went to explore the townI found a vans store and a skate shop with alot of the hundreds, krew, obey, kid robot, and a few stussy tees. I guess they built all this stuff for the tourist becase there are aloooooot of them from Japan here

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Damn Thanks guys I didnt know there were so many good places

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[Quote] not even kidding me and my buddy worked at one and were ALWAYS pointing ones out every few min

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Here's Me [URL]

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Here's me by the way now I can post pics lol [Image]

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Swizz Beats Fit mannn wtf haha

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DrHuxtable mannnnnnn those are dope

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SIZE M, swear to god if you have it, i'll flip a blue rza size M for it.[/QUOTE] fyaaaaaaaaaaah

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I hope this isnt one of those where they showed all the good parts in the preview. American made ninja movie doesnt seem like a good idea James Mcteigue did a good job with V for vendetta though so Ill prolly watch it

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Does anybody here dance? I b-boy and I got a little crew and all, just wondering if any hypebeasters do too. agreed VE killed it this week

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They should call this movie optimus prime fucks shit up Thats pretty much all that happens haha Its a good movie though if your in it for action and not the story like me and most of us here im sure

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Americas Got Talent not really my shit but I dont feel like changin the channel

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Cowboy Beebop Its damn near impossible not to like this show. Iremember watchin it everyday when I was younger and how seeing "(See Ya Later Space Cowboy)" Before I went to sleep made me feel so badass

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All rows laced except for the top row

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very low quality boring shoe. Looks like a regular shoe designed but they just threw in outrageous colors Im in the target marketing range (14-21yrs but im 17) for these and I think they look like shit.

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