thx man....helping my friend to get his sister some x'mas present

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X'mas is coming! Anybody knows any online store to get some ICE?

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[Quote] yea....I am chinese too......don't see what Wong Gok has to do with Peachtree......smokeyface By the way......anybody has DND icecreams (black or white) sz.7-8. Please PM me.....

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haha...i'm 18 and I still don't have a real job...have to work for my dad with most of my time...but I can use my dad's creditcard now and then so..... being a sneakerhead is also about "taste".....don't just buy those "hot" have to have your own pick shoes I mean.... blushing if you are only 15 and nobody wants to hire you...why don't you just find a way to start your own lil business?

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come on ppl....they are BASKETBALL SHOES....2K5 are just so COMFORTABLE on court......

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hahah~~~~good old days~~~咸蛋超人

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[Quote] haha I have the same 06 super bowl AF1s on my feet right now

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hmm~~~~it's difficult for me to tell you guy what kind of camera I have... mostly I use a Nikon D100 with a 24-85 zoom..(I love the new D200,hope I can get one soon) my other cameras : Hasselblad V system from 501CM to 205TCC and FCC (501CM 503CW 201F 203FE 205TCC 205FCC....) and some CF FE CFE lenses.from 40mm to 500mm some SWCs 903 and 905.... Arcbody and Flexbody.... except Hasselblad I have a Leica M6 ttl and a M6 ti... and a Sinar P... and much more.... and tell you guys a secret.... I'm a camera dealer.....:rofl:

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[Quote] agree ! I just got a pair Unlucky SB form them. but don't forget SnS hehe~ :dance:

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