does anyone know of any? i've always wanted to see how selvedge denim was made.... anyone got links??

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Anyone know anything about it?? anyone checked it out yet?? it's on 851 hornby... near dipt ...

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I'd like to see how some jeans should turn out when they are distressed/broken in ....... fit pics would be dope as well. I'm currently working on some regular 501 stf's ......... been about 3 months i wear em everyday for bout 4-5 hours. hoping to upgrade soon [URL]

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what do u prefer do to with ur Raw's ??? Shower with em on or soak em ??? and wat effect do both have to the jeans ....... differences/simliarities ??? I'm bout to wash mine soon after about 1 month and a half so i wanna know wtf i should do first

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selvedged denim ....... and just raw denim ???? other than that stiching thing on the inside

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Which stores can i cop some raw denim from??? and include the address plz :D..........

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anybody know's anyplace that can do it?? Or where i can find supplies to do it myself?? and places that sell t shirts in bulk/wholesale?? and how much will it run me?? lastly, i'm not looking to start a clothing line but just make stuff for myself... is there any legal issues with this?? do i need a permit or anything??

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