if the fire reds are still available, I may be interested. PM me..

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you could wear ankle braces to help out too i wear powermaxes which do a good job all around.

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[URL] ditto

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i found an old evangelion kit and gundam heavy arms kit in my cabinet. i think im gonna sit down and try to do it all today.

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good movie, but i didnt think it lived up to the hype. the bollywood ending credits had me rolling. I know it's traditional and technically not part of the movie, but it kind of detracted from the movie for me.

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thanks for the input guys. i think a wider lens like 10-22 might be the one for me, especially seeing as my camera isn't a full frame.

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lens question canon question. i'm looking to pick up a wide-angle zoom lens. is it worth it to get an 18-55 with IS, or would picking up a basic kit lens from an xti off ebay or something be similar enough in terms of image quality? alternatively, are there any other wide-angle lenses you would suggest? thanks

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this charming man, cemetry gates, and there is a light are some of my favorite songs. Morrissey's lyrics are some of the best.

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Br 30% off online at Banana Republic (Today only 9/8/08- dont know how it works for est vs. pst) Code: HAPPY30

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Tapered Denim What brand/types/fits of denim are looser at the hips and thighs but have a taper? My legs are too big for super slim jeans and I don't want to have to pay to have my jeans tapered. Any info is appreciated. EDIT: preferably something not too expensive. i see Imperial has some...

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rudeez picked up the black rudeez [Image] my favorite detail is the sole. the grey ones and the brown ones are kind of wack, but i imagine if you have the right stuff to wear it with, you can pull it off.

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[Quote] Yes, they are the beige/sand colored syndicates. The flash makes it look paler than it is and the brown ones I was considering getting weren't maroon either.

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How much does a HUF crewneck sweatshirt normally go for? I sent in 50 and all I got was a HUF crewneck, stickers, and a mag. There might have been something else, but that's all I got from the description I got over the phone. I'm kind of disappointed, but I guess it's just the gamble you take.I would have rather gotten a tee and a fitted like some of the people who sent less.

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[Image] gusseted halfcabs picked up a few weeks ago where might one find the "aqua"-colored half cabs?

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