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NOpe, but when i got my provisional license i drove whoever i wanted.

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vid, wtf1?

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JCrew is definitely where you want to go for basics. Besides their variety, they're making tons of noise in the classic's with collabs with Barracuta, Mac, Russel Moccasin, Red Wing, etc. etc. etc.

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Fjallraven Kanken, super old school but it's functional.

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Does anyone know where they could get their "foot in the door"? I've been trying, but admittedly not too hard. internship loooks interesting...

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Someone should try that while they're taking firework shots on July 4th.

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Wow, epitomizes uneducated.

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^^^damn son

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that must've been an interesting ER deliberation.

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[Quote] Felt like bricks on your feet too. Worst purchase of my life.

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Left: phone Right: knife Coin: rock Back Left: journal (sometimes) Back Right: wallet

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Better threads for this, but just to answer your question, you can either soak it for like 5 minutes in water so you won't get any shrinkage and it'll stiffen up pretty good once it dries.

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Dude those are epic. Nothing $5 an average tailor can't fix up, you definitely shouldn't retire. Plus, not that many people like purchasing used denim. You should stick with them, they'll be graily.

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