Been digging the latest releases man... Can't wait for more from you guys...

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Concrete Fields been making some noise lately... [URL]

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Trukfit is effin garbage man. It's like a steaming pile of crap rolled up in a bunch of different brands and not clearly anything. Weezy thinks he can pose with a skateboard and skinny jeans and now be relevant to the skate culture... come on! Example of how someone with a lot of money can buy their way in the industry when there's more deserving brands working hard to get a little exposure. First on is a rip of Bape Milo, second Mario Galaxy and this last one... blah...

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Considering they were Penny Hardaway's trademark sneaker with Nike, I'm pretty sure they're for ballin in. And YES, they are ugly, but trendy as hell, and you know...they HYPE!!!

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Anybody flippin a pair? At $220, how much can you really expect to make off of them?

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watch eastbay, they got sales all the time.

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lunarglide + 3

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nice stuff. seems like a higher end product!

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Do you like a brand with a slim fit tee or a loose fit tee? American Apparel type shirt seem tighter to me... where brands like Crooks and Diamond seem to be a little more loose. I'm a big fat slob, so I like my Diamond ish. What ya'll think?

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love ur work homie! like to buy some, but i'm a bigger dude and i can't find anything on the site that tells anything bout the cut of the t-shirts or if they 100% cotton or what. what kind of shirts are these? slim like american apparel or bigger like an alstyle?

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