When is Stussy opening?

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cmoney urgay and your close to 40 years old. Talking about other peoples moms? at least his mom is still alive. you are following everyone LS , GDFT , HUNG at SR. You are a nerd who had a terrible failing skate shop - oh you cant even skate but you like little beach boys whos parents have money in the beaches area. you are real corny. keep riding jock as the goodfoot people would say.

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Jock Riders x 2 Damn two more shops following the leaders - 24 was the first shop to do it - you all need to give love to the first people who did this in the country. Cmoney is the same dude who is telling everyone he is opening the "next Goodfoot" - get off their dicks. just because you have a shop with sneakers doesnt make you cool. LET IT RIDE is not a skate shop - its a shop that has some skate shoes for kids who live in the beaches trying to be part of the skate world.

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WHO IS WHO??? - Fuck you and matt g(maybe you trying to create beef to sell more shoes) and skam (maybe you because you have no life) and gary b ( maybe you because you are bored) and aysic (maybe you because matt told you to beef to sell more snakers) and gman (not you because hes rich and has kids) and hung(maybe you because you got a got settlement for selling dazone back to fat frank and are jelous) and jesar(maybe you because you cant grow anymore) and d (maybe you because you were fired from every job you have had) and who ever else thinks they run things (maybe you but really you live in your moms basement) I know dirt on all you fucks. you think you know who i am? ***** please you up on this shit late night because your gay im up on it cuz i just wached the clipse and trying to get into the next spot.

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D+O LP - likes boys sneakers YOU NEED TO GET OFF OTHER PEOPLES DICK - Im sure if you and your BOY TOYS spent more time working and less time watching other people you may have a chance to make it out of your mommies house and maybe just maybe get to take a trip outside of this country to get educated in how the real world works. YOUR BOSS (SKAM) JUST GOT OWNED BY GMAN JUST LIKE GARRY BONE. SO THAT MAKES THEM SUCKERS... Garret Louie's FAMILY WHO IS FUNDING THIS LITTLE SNEAKER SHOP you have a hard on for is extremely rich. Just like they burned the 3rd partner - Kenta and kicked him to the curb, same thing will happen to your little friend once they get the shop of the ground. DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH BEFORE YOU TALK SHIT. When SKAM got the money from his parents and asked ZEB OR MATT if they want to partner with him and open a GOODFOOT or NOMAD they both said hell NO. YOU and your FAKE ASS CREW are following the success of other people. The only reason the lights will stay on in your basement shop is because the people who you are hating on make it possible.

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