[b]BOTH ARE $140 OR OBO BOTH ARE $140 OR OBO BOTH ARE $140 OR OBO BOTH ARE $140 OR OBO BOTH ARE $140 OR OBO [/b] sz 8.5 fire red IV [Image]

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i used to hate c&s shit until my boy put me on to the chopped and screwed version of channel orange .  ever since then , c&s music has been the illest vibes for me late at night . makes night driving feel like i'm driving on the moon . [Embed content]

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Joey Bada$$ 1999 Mixtape

[URL] this nigga's only 17 ?! NY is def on the come up right now son . this kid is like the east coast version of kendrick lamar .

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Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap

ice-t's documentary on where rap originated . hopefully this joint comes to my area 'cause i def wanna' watch it .

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son i hate this rank structure in the air force . a lot of people let their label get to their head . anyone else experience this or know how to get around this ? and if you suck up to get to where you wanna' be then you're an idiot .

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Spring Forward Mixtape .

[URL] roughly put together a mix to kick off the spring season . it's a little sketchy on some of the blends , but overall i enjoy the music i added in this . lemme' know what y'all think .

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Deploying In June

def. not ready to go .. gonna' keep it trill over there for the hb fam .

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Miguel's Art Dealer Chic Vol.1 EP

[URL] adorn is that track smokeyface

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Cities that sucked to live in

just got stationed in rapid city, SD and i'm not feelin' it here . anyone else ever lived in a spot that you had to get out of ?

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Goat screaming like usher


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Just graduated BMT

been chillin' at tech school for about a week now .. feels good to be treated like a normal human being again .

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Leaving for BMT

for the air force on monday . hb we in d skies nao .

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Denver Airport Conspiracy

[URL] my boy showed me this other day . the only thing that really made me think was the underground cement tunnels with the sprinkler systems , other than that i think it's BS .

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A NY minute

[URL] one of the best documentaries i've seen in a while .. i'm actually looking forward to the next one .

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Gain 10 pounds in 2 weeks .

y'all know a quick effective way to gain 10 pounds in a short amount of time ? i just gotta' know good workout routines and the right healthy foods to eat and such .

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