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In my opinion, it's "Street Lights"- 808's and HeartBreak...

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I'm actually looking forward to this one. This will no doubt attract CROWDS and the designs will be sick...

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All white canvas or leather sneakers of any kind/any brand. Perfect go to summer footwear.

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Follow. @ArielofUA

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But of course you can wear white shoes without "lowering" yourself. I do agree that it also depends on what you choose to rock. For example, a pair of white suede bucks or white/off white wingtips are classics during the Spring/Summer seasons whereas white canvas sneakers can be worn casually year-round...

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You can literally pull off any top you can think of with navy chinos. Anything.

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<a href='http://hypebeast.com/members/dr_funk/' rel='nofollow'>@dr_funk</a> is right on point although I don't know if I can blame Soulja Boy. The millions of fake Bape manufactured and found all over the hood, NIGO selling Bape, and simply the death of its hype is exactly what unfortunately happened to Bape...

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It's clearly just a huge trend right now (not necessarily just a "hipster" trend) that literally blew up over night. From Jay Z and Kanye's Otis video/ WTT tour, to everywhere on Tumblr, to even retail stores using the American flag simply as a visual merchandising tool (Although portraying the flag as a background has been around for decades). Personally, I think it's great to see how popular it has gotten again regardless if people are patriotic or not...

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Listen to their album "Phonyland". It's one of the realest shit I've heard in a while. Complete originality...

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Banana Republic sells this incredibly versatile two sided belt you can simply turn to, either black or brown, to compliment any shoe you can possibly own. Check out their site. It's undeniably my favorite belt. Hope this helped!

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Honestly, as an artist myself, my only experience with real art education made me so unproductive and uninspired to continue to create that it even led me to question the significance of art in all. Going to school to enhance your creativity in the arts just doesn't make too much sense to me. Your art is innate and that should be more powerful than any education can ever grant you...

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In my opinion, Uniqlo makes incredible suits for buyers who want's to start collecting suits on a budget. Excellent quality, great variety this winter season and can literally save you a lot of money. Take your time trying on your suit (cannot stress that enough) and alter your suit if want certain changes for a more custom feel. Keep in mind proper shoulder fit, sleeve length, and whether to hem or not. Give it try. Hope this helped...

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