Big improvement in Affliction. Managed their time really well. Though the first fight with all the groin shots were annoying, but that wasn't Affliction's fault. Also, what's up with the guy that sounds like he has a voicebox? I think Arlovski was doing well, and if it wasn't for that brain cramp on his part I say it wouldn't be far fetched to say that Fedor might have lost that fight... but keyword is "if". Props to Fedor for keeping calm under pressure.

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I don't think TTC would take you there since it's in Mississauga, if it does you'll most likely have to pay an extra fair to get off the TTC. But if you're looking for a travel planner, check out this link [URL] . It's not operated by the TTC but it works well.

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[Quote] Thanks a lot man, great to have some first hand knowledge to go along with the other tips from people in this thread. Quick question, I'm guessing that submitting an application through is the worst way to apply for a job since you guys probably just ignore those who don't even have the decency to go in person right?

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What kind? I think they're in lots of places, such as Champs, Sport Chek, Winners, etc.

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Thank you all for your responses, appreciate it. I don't know anyone that works at FL or Champs so I'm pretty much SOL in terms of getting any kinds of hookups. Sellmestuff mentions a good point in that it's more about people skills than resume so I guess I'll just leave out that I'm a student in case a manager thinks that I'll be too busy with school. My plan is to walk in when it's not busy and try to strike up a conversation with the person who looks most like a manager, then drop off the resume if I feel that the manager doesn't hate me. Is it true that they don't give discounts on Jordans? I seen many people talk about using their discounts on J's.

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Thank you both for responding. jaychiz - I can't say discounts isn't a factor, but it's not the sole purpose. I like a job in which I could actually enjoy, don't really care if it's minimum wage. Zero_Regret, how does one get an interview though? I dropped off my resume before and got no response. Spoke to a couple of managers before, both basically asked for my hours available, wrote it on the back of my resume then never got back (I was very flexible with my hours given). I knew they were hiring as well since there were signs at the front. Thanks again guys.

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Hi, hopefully this is allowed here. I know right now isn't the best time to apply for retail jobs, but I'll like to prepare my resume for later on (perhaps Feb-March) to apply to Foot Locker or Champs in Toronto malls. Does anyone have any ideas what managers look for when hiring? I tried applying two different times at many stores but I didn't receive a single call for an interview?). I'm in my second year at Ryerson, I don't have much retail experience other than some fast food. I do have a few volunteer hours. My friend was able to get his first job at Foot Locker when he was 16, but he did have solid volunteer work (he quit after a couple of weeks because he hated it). Gracias amigos.

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there's two Sporting Life stores on Yonge & Eglington. One is smaller, but there are still jackets on the second floor. The other is their flagship store which has more jackets. I think the Gotham and Ice are probably gone in a lot of places, but it wouldn't hurt to try. Check the BST thread and craigslist as well, seen a few there.

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So everything in the store will be at least 30% off, including shoes?

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