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you cant battle with my lyrical flow youll just get handled like mr. miyagi's foes

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damnnn thats unexpected

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cheap as in? less then 30 dollars? skullcandy has pretty good quality headphones for small price. they look good too.

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good shit outlawzsm. tell me how the board is once you tried it out. still been thinking of getting a new board. my board is pretty banged up.

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Get bose. Skullcandys look nice, but if your looking for perfomace definatly not the way to go. I got the lowriders and 3 icons cause I snowboard, and skullcandys are good when snowboarding, but if you want something that will give you quality go bose.

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he doesn't have a fanbase of 16 year olds. more like 12.

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[Quote] qft He said "new shit" before he started the song. So from a new album? The beats crazy.

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I was gonna go, but got other plans. These conventions aren't my cup of tea tbh. I went to soul'd out this past summer in soho. tongueface way to fucking crowded. small space. mad hypebeasts. and no live performance. Iono bout dunkxchange though, since of the live performance. Heard they got consequence the last time dunkxchange was in nyc. I would go, just to see what its like, and you can get out and come back anytime you want as long as you have the bracelett or whatevas they give out.

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[Quote] Amazing board! I was thinking of getting a board this season, and it was down to rome agent or k2 www. The Rome Agent is more of a park board. Like tapping stumps, going off jumps, kickers, boxes, and rails. But amazing board overall. You should get into rails and stuff since the east dont got that much powder. Nothing to do on the mountian but find fun and stupid shit to do.

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hip hop saved my life tokyo, paris gold watch go go gadget streets on fire damn the whole fucking album.

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or he actually thinks he found something that no one has ever seen so that'll make him seem instantly cool.

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I'm thinking of getting the vans syndicates white for 90? good deal?

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