I'm finna find out if anyone's tryna cop this hat. Let me know and I'll post pictures of it with my tag UNAGI1992. Thank you.

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dude kendrick is nothing compared to dre

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tips on findin a nice fit for a denim jacket?

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thats the only type of steez that i rock mang

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yes...graffiti parts are the best

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So sick. Black is class

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been rockin the leopard print for a bit. its some sick shit...get hella compliments on it

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WTF it's gonna be either really amazing or hella shitty...up in the air as of now, commercial editors can do wonders

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Nah dude. IMO Illmatic plus the lost mixtape leading up to Illmatic combined meant more to hiphop than It Was Written. but regardless Nas is and forever will be one of the greatest of all time

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Some of my favorites... McCoy Tyner Sun Ra John Coltrane Art Blakey Bud Powell Ahmad Jamal Oscar Peterson John Coltrane Miles Davis Clifford Brown Billie Holiday

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whoa. these are probably gonna be straight money...literally too expensive...

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i like it. strangely the red and green mesh well together. I''d wear it with dark blue jeans or light pants

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the black ones are hella dope

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