Selling a brand new pair of Air Jordan 3 Fire Red in Size US 10 Deadstock item, brand new in box, UNUSED [URL] if you are from Sweden, please contact me for a cheaper price!

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Saw this fresh scarf, Alexander Wang's Niece is wearing, can anyone help me ID this scarf? Or tell me where I can get one? [URL]

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[Image] Can anyone ID the silver bracelet?

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Winter soon,anyone rocking boots? Came across those, looks dope, can anyone identify?

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do y'all know what brand and model those jeans jackets/vests are? 5:38 thanks

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Hello! As we're getting closer to the winter, I need a scarf to keep me warm =), found this one cool, just wanted to ask here if any of you guys know where I can find a scarf like this one? [Image] Grey(as in the pic), black,white or even red is okay for me, thanks!

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I'm in a dilemma right now, found a pair of dope shoes but they don't have them in my ''real'' size, I usually wear 9,5 or 10 depending on what shoes they're but they only got 9,0 and 10,5 -.- I know its only a 1/2 size up and down but for me its a kinda big difference, 10,5 feels too big both width and length actually and 42,5 feels a lil bit tight in width and length... So I don't know what I should do know and YES I must have them haha. Should I get the oversized one or undersized? I've heard that you put different things in the oversized but seems uncomfortable? And you can stretch out the undersized... what should I do? Also I prefer the undersized because the oversized looks too bulky/big ;S Its a pair of air jordans.

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Which/What jacket are you goin' to rock this winter?

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Can someone ID those bracelets please?,r:1,s:0,i:77

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If you wanna sell an Ambush Eye Am Not Alone UNUSED, holla at me.

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[Image] Do you guys know what brand/model and where I can find this sweater? Or do you know any similiar sweater? Thanks.

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Where can I find those rings online? They have to be able to ship to europe too! And where can I find legit Shamballa bracelets online? NO EBAY STUFF! Cant trust 'em

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Can y'all recommend some authenic websites I can buy authenic Air Jordan cements 3s, 6s,7s and 11s? Thanks

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Any idea what shoes he's wearing? the main dancer, the guy who dances in the middle [Embed content] the short guy who's wearing the white jersey, nr 1 on it.

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The summer is close, wanna get some basketball shorts. Do y'all know any online store/site I can get some real dope basketball shorts from? 0:52 Extra question:Do anyone know where I can get that ''scarf'' from 0:08? What shorts/pants are you guys going to wear this summer? Recommend some please =)

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