If you live in Chicago you should look into being a waiter. I work in downtown chi as a waiter and pull in 150-300 a night easily

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[Embed content] Best thing Khaleds ever done

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[Quote] Song is trill as fuck Goin by this and his Kissin Pink feature im startin to like Ferg more than Rocky

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NEED info on that bulls hat kanye is wearing

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How is this being slept on Slapp Hercules Sound of Silence She hates the bass Hard lincoln way nights smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface

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I'll up pics of the jeans tomorrow

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Grinderman [URL]

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Buy my Shit

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Paypal payments or concealed cash Only Serious Bidders only All prices include shipping Enjoy. Levi's LVC "Sent Away" 1967 505 34x34 worn about 6 times never washed [B]$110[/B] [Image][/URL]

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Im In

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St.Alfreds LDRS 1354 Jugrnaut RSVP Gallery Akin Belmont Army Uprise Skateshop

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ANTICHRIST most scaring shit ive ever seen.

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[Image] Amazing Someone find me a link

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Rocking something High End like a fucking OD - Big Sean

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