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[Image] OH YEAAAH!

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where you at?

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I cut the brim completely off and rock that shti like a skullcap. UGH!

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When I grow up I'm going to wear really short shorts. Cashmere cardigan sweaters really tall socks and one pair of really nicely crafted leather dress shoes that will last me till my dying days. but thats only when I grow up. I'm only 22 now going on 23 so this will be at least....38 years from now. I feel like a kid so I'm going do dress however I want. one day its basketball shorts high tops and a sleave-less cutoff tee and the next day it may be a full suit. depends on how i feel and where I'm going. Just because you're growing up doens't mean you have to tress a certain way. Tahts jsut the way I look at it. One Love

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[Quote] thanks man. I'm really wanting to build one but I want the absolute gnarlest most impressive one I can find! Also what kind of paint works best on these things?

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what is the biggest size these things come in?

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I used to do a webcomic...then it got shut down smh My advice is create a character that appeals to you. something you wouldn't mind drawing 60-70 times and go from there. a story doesn't have to be anything revolutionary just fun and easy to read. thats my advice One Love

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[Quote] that may be the best idea. thanks man! One Love

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I've decited that sitting on my wallet is bad for my back bacause of my FAT money stack$$$! J/K lol but I'm looking for an alternative way to keep my I.D credit cards and cash on me. I was thinking a money clip...any suggestions? One Love.

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[Quote] YEP! thats the one. smokeyface

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I bought this wallet in 2005 for 99 cents. I still have it. >smh fuck LV! Batman all the way! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001I3H2Q8/ref=asc_df_B001I3H2Q8816309?smid=A1AVFUM9T475KJ&tag=shopzilla_rev_3-20&linkCode=asn SUCK IT!

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[Quote] My brother watched it and he liked It. I've been meaning to look it up but just haven't gotten around to it. It'll probably be the next thing I watch tho since I can't find any good anime recently.

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I'm wanting to do and animated video for my buddies band and I was looking for some info on what programs to use what to stay away from and all that stuff from someone who has some experience. any one on HB fuck with animation?

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Def 97 then 360 and just because were on HB 90 &)&)&)&) lol

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