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Today, I present you with something different. Taking it all back to where I started, canvas. But these minis are just the hors d

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Custom Munny toy

Many of you will have one of these toys knocking around that you haven’t quite gotten around to painting. Well here’s a fine example of Tymtym design, which might inspire you. Alternatively you could send me your toy, and I’ll work my magic on it. [Image] tymtym [URL]

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Custom skateboard deck

Back with the second installment of the series. This gem entitled

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Custom vinyl bombhead toy

Hello world. This is part of a little series that I've recently been working on. The Bomb Head toy is the first installment of the series for your eyes to feast upon. I have customised this using a mixture of PVA glue and Citadel acrylic paints, yes, that

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Kid Robot - Futurama


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Nike Air Book & Daft Punk Limited CD


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Anyone remember this fishing thing?

hahaha yep

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Your favorite toys as a child?


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Krink markers!

Angelus Leather Paints, the clue is in the name ;)

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Short films on sydney life

cool videos

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Visvim UK?

yeah dover street market is a good port of call

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Pics from London.


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How do you organize your shoes?

in the closet then in the bin when they are knackered blushing

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