[FS] Imperial Duke Raw Selvedge Indigo - Sz 29

$180 shipped?

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[FS] Imperial Duke Sz. 29

Will you do $180 shipped?

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[FS] - Men's Jordan XIX Midwest (9)/ Vivid Blue Air Max 90 (8.5)

Would you do $65 shipped for the Vivid Blue? And do you have any accounts on sole or some other forum. Hit me up at AIM:TWRmnd

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Canon t1i

IMO canon has the best video recording quality that beats Nikon. Get the T2i if you have the money because it just came out but the T1i should be pretty cheap now.

2 Weeks ago in Arts

How to learn to use my new D40?

take a class or get some help from a photographer you know

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Canon EOS Rebel T1i for $209?

too good to be true scam for sure. I bought my T1i for $899. use bhphotovideo.com

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Tips on skateboard photography

wide angle or a fisheye if you want the effect. But you can just do post processing in CS4. Need a fast lense f/2.8 or faster

2 Weeks ago in Photography

I only want to spend between $100 and $150

probably only a p+s with that budget. dslrs are getting really cheap though

2 Weeks ago in Arts

D40 vs rebel?

I recommend the T2i. You can set the exposure in movie mode compared to the T1i where you could only choose the iso. Not that much of a difference mostly just whatever feels comfortable to you.

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Favourite Lens(es)

Canon 50mm f/1.4

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Need a camera......

I personally prefer Canon. Xsi is pretty cheap but the T2i just came out so you could probably get the T1i for a pretty cheap price. Get the Canon 50mm f/1.4 or the f/1.8 really cheap and worth the money. Mostly depends on what your shooting a macro would really help if youre taking pictures of products

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Recommended SLR bags?

tamrac or lowepro imo the incase bags are overpriced

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Whats in your coin pocket?

coins chapstick

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Cuffs or No cuffs?

no cuffs i like stacking more

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To sag or not to sag?

Trying to sag more but my waist is stretching too much

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