love this album tbh

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No. It's a human belief system that helps us justify the shit that happens in our lives. It allows us to convince ourselves that bad shit will happen to people when the do bad things, that way we can feel SOME comfort if a murder happens or our spouse cheats on us or if someone hurts our feelings. We figure, "hey, karma will come back to bite them in the ass". Luckily, Karma tends to mimic real world outcomes. People that tend to do mean, evil shit tend to get it back in one way or another, while people that do good deeds and tend to help others usually get rewarded in one way or another. Yet this isn't due to karma, its due to human behavior and social interactions. But Karma isn't real, as we know that good people do die horrible deaths and live lonely, awful lives sometiems and evil people sometimes live rich, luxurious, pleasure filled lives. Yet that tends to be the exception and not the rule.

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6'3" gang but real talk that shit is so mean, I can't believe women are actually hating on dude for their height. I can understand not being attracted to short people but do you really have to tweet about it? some dumb shit.

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American Hustle and Prisoners, best movies I've seen this year by a longshot. Gravity was dope too doe smokeyface smokeyface smokeyface

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smokeyface this thread smokeyface

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I was just gonna say being a 2008 dude I felt like an OG. DB's been here forever though.

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[Quote] give her space and don't contact her at all. either way, giving her lots of attention wont do anything but turn her off.

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I'll try and break it down with an analogy:  A family (Assad) rules a community (Syrian Citizens). The family has mistreated this community for 4 decades. The community finally decides to peacefully protests.  In response, the family rapes, tortures and murders a half of the community. Community gets guns to try and kill the family cuz peaceful protest obviously isn't working.  Family obtains uses poisonous gas as it is the most affective way of killing citizens (women, children, etc...) You (US) have a weapons collection at your house. You live a few blocks away from the community but are hearing about this ruthless murder going on. A couple of assholes you work with (China and Russia) are friends with this murdering family (Syria).  You really want to take a 12 gauge and pop each family member but it's too blunt, obvious and you don't want to get too deeply involved or go to war with this family.  Yet morally you feel obligated to help somehow. A couple of options are there: Take your sniper rifle and shoot the family in the kneecap, a 'slap on the wrist' for using chemical weapons. A warning. But will they listen? Another is give a bunch of weapons to the community. But half the of community (jihadist muslims) are dicks that hate your values and ideas of freedom. So the question is how do we help the secular, innocent community without leaving a power vacuum or corrupt rebels in power? it's tough.

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I really really like this album. From start to finish.

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nothing's gonna happen. lol'd at "murked by aliens"

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I know it's fucked up but.... anyone else rooting for Walt?

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Doesn't even look to resemble the plot of the book. For those who don't know, WWZ is written as a series of interviews of people around the world who experienced the War. Zombies were slow, dumb, just hard to kill, sort of like the walking dead. This isn't a WWZ movie, it's a zombie movie with the name WWZ

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why do these people care though? It's facebook not their fucking private desktop, they can log off if they want *kanye shrug*

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obama needs florida doe... rosanne barr's dumbass stealing votes. c'mon obama smokeyface

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