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So clean in person. [Image] Photos by [URL] (Beans & Croydon)

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Hope everyone can make it out, the SF show was crazy with 15,000+ ppl showed up. If anyone has any questions i'd be happy to answer them blushing [URL] [b]It

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Hope everyone can make it out! If anybody has any questions on anything I'll gladly answer them.. [URL] [b]It

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It'd be crazy if someone from the forum won. smokeyface "SLAMXHYPE and Ninja Assassin DVD are giving you the chance to win a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to Tokyo and experience firsthand the founding roots of Japanese street fashion in This is Harajuku. Japanese Street Fashion is widely regarded as the most influential Street Fashion movement in the world. SLAMXHYPE is now giving you the opportunity to travel to Tokyo, all expenses paid, to not only experience the movement and activity, but also the chance to meet some of the most influential creators of this culture. The prize package includes one return trip to Tokyo, Japan where you'll be hosted by The New Order Magazine and SLAMXHYPE editor James Oliver, 3 nights accommodation, and USD1000 spending money, you'll get to visit the iconic Visvim F.I.L Store, the home of W)Taps Blackflag, Supreme's Harjuku Location right above the Neighborhood flagship store, and a whole lot more. Stay tuned to SLAMXHYPE.COM throughout the course of his amazing competition when we announce who you'll be meeting with on your Harajuku adventure." [URL]

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Blends have teamed up with RRL by Ralph Lauren to produce a limited number of selvage denim jeans for the historic first release of our RRL X Blends collaboration as part of the Blends Made in USA project. Slamxhype takes an exclusive look. Extremely limited Black selvage rigid denim from Okayama Japan is used and the jeans are manufactured in Polo

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I bought these 2 months ago and wore them for one month off an on very lightly. Since I haven't worn them for the past month and don't plan to I'm going to sell these for $150 OBO. No trades, sorry blushing These are a 33w but they measure 34w, for more sizing info go to the selfedge [URL] I have not washed and I want to make it clear that I wore these VERY LIGHTLY. [Image]

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"Hong Kong

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I implore all my asian brothers that like streetwear, to start wearing it better. Because if you don't, this is how we will all be remembered as. [Image] Yes I know, a lot of you look like that.

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BapeBlog.com is backup now, it was down for awhile.

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