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HI GUY, this thread was open for see what the hypebeast member think about my work i'm tryin to make my brand,influenced by Blvck Scvle,Us vers Them,Diamond Supply, we want to create our own state of mind,why we must what they what us do,we can rise in arm feed a revolution and change this world...because we did it before! more later we will explain the mean behind the brand please rate our work,because we are newbies and need know what the best clothing supporter think about is,sincerely. no more thanks everyone,stay tunned and let us ur opinionsmokeyfacesmokeyface Peace [Image] Uploaded with ImageShack.us thanks dudes!!smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface YepersSecretSociety!We Are What They Eye Can't See.

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what up guys for sale the next items in very good condition payment by paypal as gift or plus 4% all the prices incluided shipping to usa from spain with tracking number here we go diamond supply falling crewneck size XL slighty used,perfect condition 50$ s&h incluided carrera endurance originals,used few times but i don't feel it,95$ s&h incluided orioles new era fitted sz 7 1/8 30e$ s&h incluided SPAINsmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface [Image] Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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sup guys, i'm spanish and i want sell some of my stuff payments trough paypal any question LMK the price incluid shipping cost from here, DIAMOND SUPPLY FALLING NAVY CREWNECK SIZE XL 55$ [Image] Uploaded with ImageShack.us LMK KNOW ANY QUESTIONS FAM UPPPPP!smokeyface

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what i need? learn photoshop or similar not? and learn how print the shirt with good quality?

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