Limited edition, came out in 2012 for the Black Friday at the NY Bapestore. No need to say it's 10000% authentic. Very good state, worn a dozen times, prob 8.5 out of 10, maybe 9. Low price, trynna get rid of what's taking place here at home. Price can still be debated. Don't really care about clothes that much anyway. [Image]

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DAMN SON. This collection is IMPOSSIBLE to get when you live in France. [Image] I'm looking for the tech pants, shorts and top. Everything in a size S or M. THANKIES

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Yo. I'm selling a pair of the famous collaboration between the Japanese brand Fragment Design and Nike for the Sichuan earthquake. Those shoes were auctioned and the earnings were given to the victims... If you wanna read the whole story : [URL] Of course they are 10000000000000% authentic, prove me wrong and I'll give you my house. The shoes are in mint condition, they have never been worn, I didn't even try them on. Sorry for the quality, I took the pictures with my phone. [Image] 200

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shaman or lhamo-folk, pm me

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as the title reads, i'm looking for this : [Image] thanks.

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[Image] cant remember shit smh

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I live in France, paypal ready. thankies

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got a big fucking dick between her/his legs smokeyface [URL] his/her penis looks bigger than mine tbh, i'm sad

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Hi, I'm looking for a pair of nike x fragment, any color, size 8.5 to 9.5, PM me.

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Hi, I'm looking for a bbc waitress logo size M in grey, contact me if you got :D [Image]

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