Shooting in Manual Mode

i normally shoot manuel when i know the lighting will stay consistent.... normally when im using strobes, or shooting an event like a party. M helps you get the same result in every picture.

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Krink markers!

krink sucks in life

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Best place to get a digital camera

B&H...the store is a sight to be seen, but the site is cool too

2 Weeks ago in Arts

Good camera to get, but on a budget?

d40x ....cannons have a cheap feel to them, so i recommend nikon

2 Weeks ago in Arts

beginner's camera

nikon d40x is what i started with, the price tag isnt that bad and with in a year or two i felt like i knew enough to advance

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interested, i hit u on iss since i didnt have 15 post here to message you smh

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Favourite Lens(es)

nikon 50mm 1.8

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How much would you pay for color pencil portraits?

you should charge by how long it would take you to do it, and also by canvas size, and take into account if they want the picture framed

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