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Well if I'm making a ton of money by working a lot in a career field that I enjoy, then I choose that. It's certainly possible but most people aren't willing to put in the effort to get there.

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it depends on the school you go to a little bit too. definitely worth it if youre at a school with a big greek community. That comes with great alumni support/relationships, a beautiful home, and plenty of people to meet over the course of your college career. I've had so many opportunities come my way simply from being in my fraternity from big companies reaching out specifically to our house. And it depends on you personally. If you like the guys in the house you're rushing, then it might be a good idea for you. After you're initiated, you'll live in a big house full of your best friends. Especially with your pledge class. The guys in mine are some of the best friends I've made. They'll be there to help you and have your back for life. Which is not to say that you can't have the same type of experience without joining a fraternity. Being in a fraternity doesnt guarantee you'll be popular and fuck hella bitches, and not joining one doesnt mean you can't. Its just the path you take.

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Toured the country last summer with this drum corps. Not sure if anybody on their dci game though. Black dude on the drumline. [Embed content]

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i just think the most important question in any argument is "why should I care?" and im not tryna hate on you because I honestly think its a really interesting subject, especially if it has truth to it. And I dont mean truth that corporations control the subject matter of popular music and artistic direction because any interviews can tell you that. but the whole, illuminati/new world order shit.  basically, Im asking, what is the endgame? how does it affect me? and why should I care when I dont even listen to the radio and am, in my mind, not even affected by birdman getting rich by helping the wealthy stay that way? I got my own grind to worry about. like someone said, if you created a thread with your theories and evidence, I'd read it. but unless you give me a compelling reason to care, im just not going to.

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[Quote]no lie, this is my desktop background

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damn I for real forgot how many cool ass dudes used to post on hb. back when i actually lurked through the wdywt daily. edit: the more I look through this, the more I remember how inspired I was by these niggas as a high schooler with no style.

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I feel like if you switch to a different job, its still going to be entry-level and boring and probably not pay that well. So Imma say to stack your bread and see about the advancement possibilities in the company. If you find that there's no road upward, then use that stacked bread to give you a good amount of time in transition. Better to end up with a nice amount of money saved and resume worthy experience than a record of immediately quitting when you deem a job as "boring."

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I dont post enough for this. which isn't to say I'm too active in real life to post.

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if everyone gave just a little (on their own will) for the greater good, instead of thinking small contributions wont add up to anything. billions of people giving one dollar could make a world of difference somewhere.

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she's gonna be miley cyrus when she grows up edit: lil b needa hop on the remix. get his California boy on.

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after a couple more listens, I def cant say its bad. I think its pretty good, but its just like a filler album to me. I agree that I havent been really impressed by a Jay-Z album since American Gangster. Love Tom Ford though, but I dont understand why the best beats got the shortest songs. Shouldve took out the filler tracks, made the better songs longer and called it a day. edit: with a name like Magna Carta Holy Grail, I just think this shit shouldve been crazy.

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damn, the hype made me expect something really epic. after the first listen it just sounds like timb, pharrell, and swizz gave him a collective beat tape, and then jay rapped over it. But shit, even that couldve been dope except nothing really hit that hard or grooved hard or felt truly smooth. just feel like these dope ass producers couldve gave him something better. Will give it a second, more proper listen though.

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where are you gonna sleep bruh? unless you got cash for motels

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dmt is so nice (I dont wanna get spiritual on you niggas). I've done molly a couple times for shows which was dope. generally dont drink unless I'm just enjoying some beer, shit is literally poison and people do fucked up shit blacked out. so I mostly just smoke; never really heard of niggas beating their wives and shit after blazin up. I just wanna go to a park, do shrooms, and chill. edit: i do NOT fuck with shit like coke, meth, heroine, pills, etc. I'm cool off that shit.

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