VVVNDS 112 AM1s if interested (US10) Literally worn 1x, would easily pass as DS. All original everything, all nipples, no scuffs or marks. PM if you are still chasing

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picked them up last week but put them back down. just wasn't feeling them really, felt a bit toy like. maybe if i was 15 years old haha pass... NEXT!

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first pics had me interested but the more time has gone by the less i'm feeling these shape is amazing though

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not feeling the purple lace flip, at all i'd rather go white laces > laceless > purple laces

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thankfully these are dropping again in the next 6 months or so not for everyone but i love them, just not at 500+ resale haha

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sample pics def look better than the finished product but still decent imo will check out in the flesh when they release next week i suppose and make a call on it then

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Thoughts? On the fence with these but probably still cop at this stage... Anyone else?

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thread delivers

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if you're a guard or handling the ball in general quite a bit you can't go past hyperizes or kobe V / VI in terms of a lightweight, durable and ample cushionined sneaker.

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gotta be am90s, jordan XVIIIs or nb 580s for me ps should have been a poll

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would like to know if anyone has seriously dropped 800 or so on the cherrywood patta AM1s. i considered paying 500 then bitchslapped myself at the thought. resale is jus ridiculous. sure, i'd love a pair but do resellers think that this is the last TZ release or something? there will always be another dope, limited release where you can lock it down for retail. share the love and sell your kicks at a reasonable price to folk who will actually rock them not just stock them.

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