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If a brand wants to become popular and somewhat mainstream it's all about work to me. As long as they have somewhat of their own creativity or spin on something.

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I've seen it before but I'm trying to remember where. Try V-files or Karmaloop that's the first thoughts I have for the jacket.

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I see that a lot. It's dope to some people but I do understand what you're saying. More color would do better then just black and white even though sometimes it does look nice.

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Oh how I love those shoes.

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[Quote]Duhhhhhh...of course when you are this cool you don't have to use good grammar. Shoe hipster no because hipster is tacky. [Image]

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All of these are truly good. Maybe if you step out of your comfort zone and try something real new and refreshing you will get a very good bit of attention. But overall I dig it and you have a bright future.

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I like it. It does not appeal to me cause I am not part of that lifestyle but I do say you can tell they are binoculars and to me with the right design and marketing you can take off with this. By making different designs of the logo such as a camo or galaxy shirt or hoodie maybe. If this is the end product it does need a little bit of re-touching. Also a different font would maybe do it a little bit more justice maybe something more bold.

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As an avid Jeremy Scott Adidas shoe wearing guy I love the shoes. I was wearing the shoes before A$AP Rocky was even mentioned among hip hop and Jeremy Scott. These shoes are not made for everyone that is why people have their own opinions. I love the shoes and the shoes are not made for attention-seekers if you are that basic enough to think that you have your own personal problems and probably dress basic as hell. Many celebs wear outfits that are mad simple but get mad attention which I do respect. If you wear the sneakers right you won't have problems. Also yes the shoes are expensive but most folks go right to the website. If you go to eBay or an outlet like that they won't be at all some pairs not all. I So far I now own six pairs that I have gotten many compliments and people telling me it fits me as a person. The celebrity endorsements are just a plus. Also if you look at the shoes they are wearing they are wearing the ones that are just releasing or have recently been released. Let's think about this people. Jeremy Scott is amazing. Don't try to slay dude because he doesn't make basic shoes like some brands we all know and we all know who I am pointing at. If you want some quick attention get them but I don't wear them for that I wear them because I love the shoe. Matter of fact I'm wearing a pair now.....blushing

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Are these still for sale? I know it's been a good while I was just searching for a pair of these.

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The Old Navy camo shorts. Those camo pants the Bape one if I remember correctly. That's pretty much it to me. OH AND FOLKS TRYING TO LOOK VINTAGE WHEN THEY LOOK FAR FROM IT!!!!

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Dead Heart NYC is a good place.   [Image]

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1. Adidas (Jeremy Scott) 2. Givenchy 3. Boy London 4. Nike 5. Old Mavy

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