Damn b, I was kinda in the same situation as you. I mean with the best friend shit catching feelings on your girl, it's mad annoying huh? I wasn't tryna be controlling either but enough is enough fam, If you really love this chick then it's you or him, otherwise you always gonna be sus about her and it'll lead to problems.

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[Quote] haha damn b, beat me to it. oh he's so pringles where ya curly mustache at?

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calories are calories, but doesn't it matter about the fat content also? Eating 2k calories worth of skinless chicken breast is really the same as 2k calories worth of junk with a lot of trans fats? Just wondering.

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nah b, I brush and floss everyday it's normal to get em if you got tonsils, but real talk they are annoying as fuck to deal with but I was just wondering if anybody else gets em on this forum. Don't wanna be alone on this one smh

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I swear I haven't smelt anything worst than tonsil stones, I just found out I had em a week ago. Apparently a lot of people get em if they still have their tonsils and don't know it and it causes your breath to stank. If you ever coughed and saw a little white stone looking thing that smells worst than straight shit, it's a tonsil stone. Anyways, is it worth getting my tonsils removed so I don't gotta deal with these little shits?

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Am I the only one who thinks lela star looks a little like Kim K or am i trippin? She fell off after her implants though.

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it ain't gay b, you do you honestly. As long as it's not another dude stickin somethin up your ass then its all good, people try new shit all the time be glad it's not something "weirder".

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