[Image] Samurai 710xx, 2 years 1 month APC New Cures 7 months Skulls 5010xx 1.5 years

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Okay, justify it however you like to make yourself feel better, I still think it's messed up, and a waste of money. You're probably wearing fakes yourself by the way you can justify anyone wearing fake shit.

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Why the fuck would you even waste your money on fakes in the first place, even if they aren't for you. That's just supporting the people making them. Also, what a great friend you are calling him a "wannabe sneakerhead" and "it's okay because he won't be able to tell" That's just messed up and mocking your "close friend." Too poor to buy him real ones? Or is he just not that close of a friend for you to want to buy him real ones.

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Have you never worn jeans before?

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Anywhere. How does anyone fuck up a hem? And besides, they're just APCs.

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lol at all the "everyone has em = they're shit" Who cares if they're "in" or not, if you like them, get em. better yet, this whole thread is comedy. if you're looking into raw denim, do some research and find a cut you like the best. then, wear them however you like. wash them whenever the fuck you want and (i've seen threads made on this) put whatever the hell you want in your pockets. Dude, the whole denim "scene" is to create a piece of "work" that reflects your lifestyle. Every piece of denim is unique cause its faded and worn differently from person to person. The whole "not washing for 6 months to a year" just creates more intense contrast fades. There have been pieces that come out great being washed every few weeks or every 6 months or every year at that.

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[Quote] The longer you can resist washing them the better the contrast fades will turn out ideally. If they don't stink and aren't completely disgusting by now, then there (kinda) isn't a reason to wash em just yet.

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looks amazing, Nguyenn! @alecsayss510 get TTS, so 30. you won't regret it, they're the best fitting jeans and exactly how i wanted them to fit. i gave em an initial soak for like an hour in the hottest water i could in the tub and they shrunk perfectly and got a lot of the starch out so theyre at least wearable.

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jesus christ, just wear the damn things. if they drag, cuff them or just let them drag. nothings gonna change how they fade cause they're not gonna fade if you just sit on your lazy ass. naked and famous aren't even that great of jeans...who cares. or just cuff the very bottom of the jeans, so little it doesnt even look like you have a cuff and that should at least keep em above your feet.

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Skulls 5010xx

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How should I size Skull Jeans 5010xx 6x6 RAW? I wear a sz28 APC New Cures and they fit perfectly. I was hoping that the skulls either stretch a bit more than these do or already have a slightly larger thigh opening or the same. Does skull denim stretch more than APC or the other way around? Thanks. Does anyone know how Cameland sized his skulls? I really like how his fit.

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Damn people. "How long do I soak for?" "How do I wash?" "What temperature?" "How do I touch them when wet?" "How do I dry?" "How long do I dry?" It's simple: Wear them as long as you can until you feel the need to wash. The fading process occurs when you wash them as the loose dye comes off. Just throw them in the washing machine and hang dry, or let them dry on your body, whichever floats your boat. The best and nicest looking jeans tend to be the ones where the owner doesnt give a shit, they just wore them. There's no formula to it, wear em, and wear them hard, and wash them. Simple as that. Fades will come as time goes on. Jeans reflect your lifestyle, so just wear the damn things and natural fades will come.

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No, shoes are meant to be worn. Who cares, just wear your shit. You look like a douche if whine and cry about every bit of dirt, scuff, or crease.

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I just started like a month+ ago and hit 80 recently and am currently trying to get gear by heroic grinding and such. 80 blood elf deathknight (Chau) 55 tauren hunter (Omfglol) Realm: Destromath

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Alright, I just went over to Barney's a few hours ago and tried on a sz29 NC (I ordered a 28 and it should come on Tuesday) They were a tight fit, but not like insanely tight. I did, however, have trouble getting them off though, lol. Since they're already 1 size up from what I ordered, I'm not so worried anymore. I'm pretty satisfied with how these jeans fit, they're amazing. They look really nice and the waist should be perfect.

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