i went into all the bape stores and stussy but nope nothing, i did find a store but it was a seccond hand store that sold seccond hand Ralph lauren, Supreme, True Religions but no N&F or Samurais For samurais do u guys think i cant only buy them in osaka?

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Hello, i am going to japan in a couple of weeks and i am just wondering if any of you guys know what shops sell samurais, N&F, APC etc... last time i was there it was really hard for me to find some but im sure you guys would know where and what places to go to. thanks

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Hello i got a pair of raw denims and it has been 18months since i have not washed them and i am just wonder what type of soap can i get and use for my jeans BTW i live in Australia so i cannot get woolite or denim wash

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