smokeyfacesmokeyfacelmfao hilarious watch the videos [URL]

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As the title says. Looking to pay under 140 or 130. Doesnt have to be ds, but prefer og everything. Meetups in chicago or i send usps mo with tracking

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I'm looking for these jordans below for under $140 or $130? not necessarily ds. I prefer a box and all og stuff. Size 10.5 or 11 -cool grey 3 or any 3 the main color is not white i will consider -flu game or nubuck 12 -space jams(if anyone doesnt want them them and wants to be nice...) -meet ups in chicago or i send concealed cash or money order. i dont have pay pal

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The wrong way. [URL]

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[URL] You: o hai! Stranger: ohai You: how r u lawl Stranger: i rape u now. You: now i raped. Stranger: MmmMmMMmmmmmm You: owwwwwwwWw Stranger: atleast im not threatening to rape you with a knife like i am other people :3 You: r u a girl or a boy Stranger: iono Stranger: ]; You: i think u girl cuz only bitchez make those smiley faces Stranger: LOLWUT

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I have mono, it sucks, lawl.

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I know yall hypes dig that high-performance outdoor gear.smokeyfacesmokeyface Please keep the TNF to a minimum...... None of that denali BS!!! [Image] Got all yall faded! Post your collections up! Yall dig?

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